Camouflage T-shirt and Polo T-shirt Wholesale

New Camouflage T-shirt and Polo T-shirt Wholesale

Custom Made Wholesale Camouflage T-Shirt Turkey

Hello there. Our company is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce ( ITO )and

Istanbul textile and garment exporter ( ITKIB ) associations.

For the time being, we are constantly working to provide our valued customers in 12 countries exactly the product they want with the best quality.

We manufacture the desired product, screen printing and digital printing, embroidery, packaging and woven fabric label in our own production. So we can control every stage.

We listen to the wishes of each customer to the finest detail and work together until it is the desired product. After this completely free service, we send you the approval contract and start production.

We accept the people we have a shopping relationship with as a friend.

We produce and print with the highest quality fabrics.( 100%  Cotton- Modal -Bambu etc fabric ) We also produce label-packaging for you.

We make your design free until you say it's complete. If you have a sample design logo, you can send it. You can shape the product as you like.

We are confident that we will give you the most suitable and complete price including production, special packaging and shipping.

You can find information about our company and business in our .pdf file..

Please do not hesitate to ask all the questions in mind.

I hope it will help us determine which system we will work with. Our production is as follows.

1- Fully customizable products for your brand such as T-shirt / Sweatshirt  (Fabric type, T-shirt shape, custom woven labels, custom printed packaging). Or it may be another product that you want to manufacture wholesale. Our T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are ribbed knit collar

We use the highest quality cotton suprem compact fabric (30/1 -40/1 and 160-250 gr.). And sewing is great. We can work with any type of fabric. If you have any reservations, you can send us a sample.

2- We apply your desired brand logo or pattern with non-toxic organic printing.

3-We can apply these prints as Standard or Nanotechnological.

Let us elaborate the process according to your needs. If you tell us your requirement, we will give you detailed price and transaction information. We'll be happy to review the additional information we send.

I would be happy to reply by email and WhatsApp.  /  WhatsApp 90 537 877 63 45

Best regards,

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Door to door Shipping

UNIQUE SHIPPING and DELIVERY:  You don't need to do anything for shipping.In other words, you don't have to worry about the shipping and delivery of your products.CONBELLO TEXTILE undertakes all transportation.  Your products will be delivered to your door. In addition, thanks to the ATR Certificate that we will issue specifically for you, you will not pay any customs tax in your country.   All you have to do is plan for your sales while you wait for your products.  Our shipping system is valid for both sample products and all of your wholesale orders.

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