Custom polo collar T-shirt manufacturing Turkey

New Custom polo collar T-shirt manufacturing Turkey

Customizable Collar T-shirt Manufacturer 

Conbello Textile will always be with you in all matters in the production of a high quality Polo collar T-shirt specific to your brand.
A polo shirt is one of the most versatile shirts any man can own.Even though a polo shirt is a wardrobe staple, it can be difficult to find the right cut, fabric, and combinations to take advantage of all style possibilities this unique shirt presents.

Slim But Not Tight

Ideally, a polo shirt should be slim fitting with fitted sleeves that reach about halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. Just like with a dress shirt, the shoulder seam should sit on the shoulder bone. The sleeves should come down about halfway to two-thirds of the way of your biceps. Anything shorter looks vintage; anything longer too trendy. Ideally, you want a very slim fit in the sleeve.

Proper Length

Traditional polo shirts are longer in the back than they are in the front and look better when tucked in. If tucked in, the shirt should not exceed halfway past your buttocks in the back or your fly in the front. When untucked, the polo shirt should sit just below the waistband / belt line.

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