Custom polo collar T-shirt manufacturing Turkey

New Custom polo collar T-shirt manufacturing Turkey

Custom Polo Collar T shirt Manufacturing  

It is enough to contact us to manufacture high quality polo T-shirts for your brand. Polo T-shirt collar type can be knitted or shirt collar. We can use pique as fabric or dry-touch (called dri-fit) as technical fabric. We will always be at your side as Conbello Textile when you ask for advice on fabric blends and other technical issues. We can embroider your brand logo for polo shirts.

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Door to door Shipping

UNIQUE SHIPPING and DELIVERY:  You don't need to do anything for shipping.In other words, you don't have to worry about the shipping and delivery of your products.CONBELLO TEXTILE undertakes all transportation.  Your products will be delivered to your door. In addition, thanks to the ATR Certificate that we will issue specifically for you, you will not pay any customs tax in your country.   All you have to do is plan for your sales while you wait for your products.  Our shipping system is valid for both sample products and all of your wholesale orders.

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