Muscle fit T-shirt.Cotton Fabric Crop Hoodie

New Muscle fit T-shirt.Cotton Fabric Crop Hoodie

Muscle fit T-shirt.Ultra Special Fabric Crop Hoodie

Conbello Textile offers a complete service from free design support to the most suitable fabric selection, high quality different types of sewing, all known printing systems (including Nano Technological Printing and Embroidery), custom printed packaging and door-to-door delivery.

Do not worry about the most suitable fabric and print type for your dream product. We will give you important advice on which fabric and Print type would be best for your product.

From the design (Tech pack) of many brands, to the recommendation of different types of high quality fabrics that best suit the product, to how best the brand logo printing should be, we provide services in all matters that come to your mind.


 Hoodie group sportswear is the standard and most basic product group with almost unlimited options. In this group, you will have many options such as the zippered Hoodie, the front-jointed Hoodie or the trending Crop Hoodie. Remember that you are completely free in your designs. Conbello Textile will manufacture the designs you send perfectly.

Polyester and Cotton fabric blends are generally used for hoodie sportswear. Of course, we can use 100% Cotton fabric if you wish. Generally, 280-400 gr weight is preferred as fabric.We can use any solid color or Camouflage fabric as the hoodie fabric.

In addition, we apply the product collar labels and washing instruction labels required for hoodie sportswear free of charge. If you wish, we can use a standard woven fabric collar label or a high quality Transfer print collar label.
When you want us to manufacture a Hoodie for your brand, we can successfully apply any printing and embroidery system you wish. Of course, we will pass on our experience in printing and embroidery types and our advice when necessary, so that your brand is of the highest quality.


As Conbello Textile, we successfully apply all known and unknown printing systems to all known fabric types.

Screen printing system is used for cotton and/or cotton-polyester blended fabrics in hoodie group products. Of course, Screen Printing applications are very diverse. However, we use the most ideal and highest quality water-based system that has passed all tests successfully. We use 14 Colors full system for screen printing.

We also use much more prestigious printing systems in the hoodie group sportswear and we strongly recommend it. You will have unlimited options for your brand logo or slogan such as Premium Transfer Printing, Full Organic Silicone Injection Printing, Nano Technological Printing, Embossed Printing, Standard or 3D Flexo (Heat Insulated Printing) Printing.

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