T-Shirt active with sweating / Terleme ile yazıları görünen T-Shirt

New T-Shirt active with sweating  / Terleme ile yazıları görünen T-Shirt

Nano T-shirt active with sweating / Motivation T-Shirts / Terleme ile yazıları görünen T-Shirt / Islanınca yazı çıkan T-Shirt   

Sweat-activated Nano T-shirt 

We can describe it as a technical sportswear product, which is especially valid for gym fashion.

Along with intense sweating in the gym, your pre-coded sportswear brand logo or any text you design becomes visible with sweat. We produce countless versions of our sweat-activated T-shirt designs according to your wishes.  In particular, the pattern and brand logo design to be applied are technical issues that need attention for the production of sweat-activated t-shirts for your fitness clothing brand.  

Types of fabrics we use in our sweat active gym apparel: 100% high quality pure Compact cotton fabric.  

We give you free design and technical support to get your gym apparel brand off to a great start. You can contact Conbello Textile for all your questions.



Nano T-shirt active with sweating


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  • Marka: Conbello
  • Ürün Kodu: SPOR T-SHIRT
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
Satın alabilmek için asgari adet: 100

Etiketler: Terleyince yazı çıkan T-Shirt/Terleme ile aktif olan Nano Tişört. Terleyince yazıları görünen tişört. Performans tişörtleri.Dry-Touch terl önleyici performans kumaş tişört.Toptan tişört nereye yaptırılır.En iyi tişört ütreticileri.