Private Label Customizable Women T-Shirt

New Private Label Customizable Women T-Shirt

Private Label Customizable Women T-Shirt

We have combined technology and the best quality fabric that can be produced with meticulous workmanship. It's Not Just a T-Shirt anymore.

When you report your need, you can be sure that we will find the most suitable solution for you. We believe that our completely free design support and constant communication will please you.

Our company is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce ( ITO )and
Istanbul textile and garment exporter ( ITKIB ) associations.
You want to start your own t-shirt brand, but there are many


We produce all our products with the finest fabrics, with precise sewing and the highest quality prints.

Sportswear for Performance

At Conbello Textile, we are confident that performance-enhancing sportswear, although relatively new to the sports scene, will continue to rise thanks to rapid advances in sports technology.

It is clear that everyone can benefit from First of all, we want you to send us your design.Before making your sample, we make some suggestions on fabric and printing type according to the characteristics of the product. We give you full support on all issues from start to finish. Fully customizable product, fabric, print, label and custom printed packaging and everything special for you.T-shirt / Sweatshirt / Hoodie / Uniform / Tank top / Tracksuıt / Short etc

High quality 100% cotton -Repreve fabric (made from recycled plastic) - Spandex - cotton and polyester blend - high performance fabric - micro interlock - lycra - camouflage fabric etc.

Screen printing – Embroidery - Flexo (Heat sealed print ) –Reflector printing- Digital print – Patterned fabric - Embossed – Silicone injection – Frequency – foil coating printing -Vinyl-leather printing - High mold - Hologram -  Water based print - Plastisol  - All nano technological printing types

I would be happy to reply by email and WhatsApp.

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T-shirts and tank tops are among the most comfortable women's clothing. You can use athlete or t-shirt models to move comfortably both while doing sports and walking around the city center. Among female athlete models, strapless athletes and T-shirts are the most preferred. In hot weather, you can only wear a T-shirt on your jeans while going out and you can be extremely stylish by throwing a shawl on it. The areas where T-shirts are mostly used are all outdoor environments and sports halls, homes and summer spaces. In all these places, you can have several different colored athletes with you to avoid being overwhelmed by the heat. in one way or another. The intra-workout benefits explained above will set you up in the best way possible to perform at the top of your game, greatly reducing the risk of injury and fatigue.

We can also see that all high-quality sportswear can assist your body and muscles with recovery as opposed to general fashion sportwear. Technical advances and smart fabrics can further improve your overall exercise experience including faster recovery rates. This means you can train harder, and more often, which can only lead to one thing – an improvement in overall performance.

If you like to wear colorful clothes in summer, you may prefer to wear a colorful T-shirt with Nano Technological Color Changer or Invisible Pattern Indoor when going to the beach or visiting the holiday village. These special colors will also reveal your bronze skin as they stand out more in daylight. Short t-shirts are among the most fashionable trends of the season. If you are confident in your physique and want to keep up with fashion, you can also take advantage of t-shirt models that leave the belly open. T-shirts and athletes, which are among the most used garments of women's clothing, are produced from different fabrics. You can choose cotton t-shirts to be comfortable in hot weather. Pay particular attention that the fabric is not all polyester. T-shirts made of this type of fabric may be cheap, but they carry serious risks in terms of both your health and the smell. In addition, another very important point is that no chemicals harmful to health should be used in the printing or coloring phase of your t-shirt. Conbello Innovative does not use harmful chemicals in any of its t-shirts or clothing products ..!

New Generation Nano Technological T-shirts are among the most popular pieces of the season. Women's t-shirts are suitable for both summer and winter use. You can be extremely stylish by wearing a t-shirt under your thick cardigan in winter. You can still use T-shirt models to be able to move comfortably in your home. Especially in summer, two-way t-shirts are among the most popular ones. Among the T-shirts that women like to use the most are white t-shirts. Because the white t-shirt fits perfectly with all combinations and colors. T-shirts can be worn comfortably on both jeans and sweatpants.

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