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Today, one of the most widely used types of fabric, cotton fabrics are increasing day by day usage areas. Today, many kinds of apparel can be made of cotton fabrics. In this article, although the properties of cotton fabrics are given in terms of health benefits and harms will be briefly mentioned.

Cotton fabric-What is cotton?
Cotton is the name given to cotton we know. Although this type of fabric is known as cotton in English “Cotton çok, few of us know that cotton fabric is cotton fabric.
What are the cotton (cotton) fabric properties?
Cotton fabrics are one of the most widely used fabric types.
Cotton is a natural fiber whose raw material is cotton.
It is a type of fabric made of cotton fibers.
Cotton fabric is a preferred type of fabric because it has an absorbent property.
Cotton fabrics keep moisture cool because they absorb moisture well and give out heat. It is used more frequently in hot climates due to both keeping it cool and absorbing.
It is a kind of fabric which is quite comfortable to wear.
Does not create static electricity in our body.
Since it has the ability to hold all kinds of paints quite well, it is easy to paint and very good at painting.
It is more stable when it is damp or wet.
Suitable for washing in hot water.
Can be hung by drying.
Cotton fabric-3What are the disadvantages of cotton fabrics?
It has a pull feature when washed. However, in the manufacture of some garments, a pre-treatment is carried out to prevent shrinkage.
They may deteriorate quickly in sunlight.
Mold is very harmful to this fabric and too much exposure causes deterioration.
Easily polluted. (It is as easy to clean as it is dirty)
It is not good to use especially in ironed garments due to its easy creasing. However, in order to keep the iron well in it, it can be prevented from joining some other fabrics in certain proportions and keeping the iron and creasing very easily.
It dries quite late due to its absorbent structure.