Camouflage Wholesale Quality Cotton T-Shirt Producer

New Camouflage Wholesale Quality Cotton T-Shirt Producer


            Camouflage Wholesale Quality Cotton T-Shirt Producer

Hello there. Our company is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce ( ITO )and
Istanbul textile and garment exporter ( ITKIB ) associations.
You want to start your own t-shirt brand, but there are many questions in your mind. Or
you want a supplier to meet all your needs.
Maybe you've been looking for answers to these questions for a long time.
In order for your product to be successful, we definitely summarize the most important
issues you need.
The most important problem is finding quality products and reliable suppliers.
We recommend you the best quality fabric types and apply them.
The product should be as affordable as it is quality.
Your supplier should be able to respond quickly and correctly to your design and change
If you want to sell wholesale, your customer will ask you for a sample for your own design, 
your supplier should be able to apply this request in the best way.
We're only solving all of your questions so you can focus on the sales business.
Well, how do we work.
Now, we're offering you that work.
We'll let you know below and more.
First, we determine your T-shirt model.
1- T-shirt Color
2- T-shirt chest logo or brand font color
3- T-shirt nape print logo (Fabric label or silk screen printing)
4- Collar model (Round or V-Collar)
5- T-shirt skirt cut type (straight cut or oval cut)
6- T-shirt bag printing design
7- Order number of T-Shirt
8- T-shirt sizes
9- T-Shirt Fabric ( 100 % Quality Cotton fabric - Micro modal fabric – Bambu fabric )
Continue reviewing for more information on these topics.
Please contact us if you have any questions about these issues.
For more information ( E-Catalog ) and effective communication, please write to or WhatsApp number.
90 537 877 63 45
100 % Amerikan Pamuk penye T-Shirt
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Wholesale Quality Cotton T-Shirt Producer
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Highest quality fabric and 12 color screen printing

  • Marka: Conbello
  • Ürün Kodu: WH_001
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var

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Satın alabilmek için asgari adet: 500

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