Fashion leggings and sports bra. Leggings manufacturer in Turkey

New Fashion leggings and sports bra.  Leggings manufacturer in Turkey

Quality Polyester and Polyamide Leggings Production in Turkey

Private Label Fashion Leggings and Sports Bra



Manufacture of high quality polyester custom leggings with your brand label

How should a perfect leggings be for your sportswear brand ?

We remind you that technical knowledge is of vital importance for your sportswear brand to be truly successful and to maintain this success. For this reason, you can write to us to get information about the tricks to be considered in gym clothes.  What makes gym wear flawless is actually the technical details that are invisible rather than visible. The decision of what type of sewing thread to use for the perfect gym leggings is a very fine line between success and failure. !  For a perfect active wear sports bra, it is necessary to use a special sewing system as well as using special sewing thread.  One of the most important technical details that should be perfect for leggings and sports bras is, of course, the choice of fabric. When you use a fabric that has passed color fastness tests and is of ideal weight, it should complement all these with a high quality spandex.

You can consult us on this subject or click the link for more detailed information now.

ULTRAL COMFORT & STRETCHY : CONBELLO TEXTILE leggings for women are made of high quality moisture-wicking fabrics with 4-way stretch technology. Just like the second-layer skin, these workout leggings provide you with maximum comfort, support and coverage. We expect our Yoga Pants to not only be slim fit but also be comfortable to wear all day.

USEFUL  POCKETS : Pocket of these Tummy Control Leggings with an inner pocket designed for your ID and keys. So you can go wallet-free, and focus on your exercise not on your essentials, free yourself in our breathable Womens Leggings!

HIGH WAISTED & TUMMY CONTROL: These High Waisted Womens Tights, which can also perfectly work as shape-wear are designed with high waist for tummy control, perfectly contouring your curves and streamlining your shape. Besides, interlock seams and gusseted crotch of these high waisted leggings for women are designed to reduce irritation and eliminate chafing. You can move easily, squat, stretch or do any pose you want when workout.

The moisture-wicking material made these athletic leggings for Women help to remove moisture from your body, and make you always feel cool when you sweat a lot, offering long-lasting comfortable performance. Stretchable fabrics with shape retention give you an unparalleled supportive sensation without any see-through worries. Highly recommended for gym, street strolling, fitness, running, outdoor workout or any type of workout.


Are Sports Leggings only suitable for the gym? Of course not! Made by Conbello Textile, Women’s Leggings let you effortlessly go to the gym, the city and outdoor adventures.

Contrary to popular belief, women’s Leggings group sportswear is the standard and most basic product group with almost unlimited options. In this group we have all the equipment and experience you need to get a great product.

Polyester/Spandex blends are often used as fabrics for leggings sportswear. If you wish, thanks to our fabric track with unlimited options, we can use it on Polyester fabric with Polyamide or cotton texture. Of course, it is vital that this fabric is of the highest quality. Because, there are very important points to be considered in order to prevent color fading after washing and to ensure that your brand logo is permanent on the product. You can get cheap clothing. However, it is painful to see that you lose so much more than you paid afterwards.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, the most common mistake is the effort to obtain cheap products. When you want a cheap product, you should not expect quality fabric. There will be rapid deterioration after washing or after the end user wears it for a while. Also, when you want to get cheap leggings, you should know that the seams will not be of good quality. When you are faced with many mistakes such as unraveling and shrinkage at the seams, a disaster scenario has arisen for your brand.


In addition, an important point to be considered is the wrong fabric selection and wrong print selection. For polyester leggings, you cannot use the screen printing system. Or when you want to embroider your brand logo for polyester fabric, a very careful application should be made so that the embroidery sewing threads do not shrink.

For Women’s Leggings, there are many printing systems suitable for your brand. You can contact us to learn about these issues. When you send us your designs, we will technically inform you about the most suitable fabric and printing system.

Which printing system is used for polyester or polyamide fabric leggings.

Printing systems such as Flexo, 3D Flexo, Silicone injection, Transfer (heat sealed) and Rubber are generally used in the fabrics we mentioned. However, regardless of the printing system used, the quality of the printing material and application experience should be at the highest level. If you do not pay attention to these two very important issues in polyester leggings products, the result will be a complete disaster. Loss of money and brand reputation will take serious damage.

For women, we use much more prestigious printing systems in polyester and polyamide Leggings group sportswear and we highly recommend it. You will have unlimited options for your brand logo or slogan such as Premium Transfer Printing, Full Organic Silicone Injection Printing, Nano Technological Printing, Embossed Printing, Standard or 3D Flexo (Heat Insulated Printing) Printing.

We would like to remind you that we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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UNIQUE SHIPPING and DELIVERY:  You don't need to do anything for shipping.In other words, you don't have to worry about the shipping and delivery of your products.CONBELLO TEXTILE undertakes all transportation.  Your products will be delivered to your door. In addition, thanks to the ATR Certificate that we will issue specifically for you, you will not pay any customs tax in your country.   All you have to do is plan for your sales while you wait for your products.  Our shipping system is valid for both sample products and all of your wholesale orders.

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