What are the best brand logo prints for T-shirts, Hoodies and Leggings?

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Which print is best for streetwear or sportswear like

T-shirts, Hoodies, Leggings? 



In sportswear fashion such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Leggings, there are more printing systems for your brand's logo printing than you might think. We think that we can start to examine these printing techniques briefly.
Among the most well-known printing techniques, we can count Screen printing, Heat transfer, Flexo. Of course, even these print types are divided into many types among themselves. Regarding printing systems, you can contact Conbello Textile at any time about which printing technique should be used for your brand and sportswear products.
Of course, although it is not considered a type of printing, it is necessary to review the embroidery application, which is frequently used in sportswear.


What are the best brand logo prints for T-shirts, Hoodies and Leggings?


Screen Printing : If you want to get more detailed technical information about this subject, please click.   Plastic paint is definitely the most commonly used type of ink due to its cheapness. However, this dye does not penetrate the fabric and only covers it. So think of something like covering the top of the t-shirt fabric with your pattern.Of course, it is preferred not only because it is cheap, but also because it is very easy and effortless to apply. However, if you want top segment quality printing for your sportswear brand, water-based organic screen printing will undoubtedly be your first choice.



Heat Transfer: You can consider it as a frequently preferred printing system, as it can be easily applied to all fabric types, whether cotton or polyester. Of course, this printing technique has many variations in itself. However, if you are considering a top segment sportswear in terms of quality, your choice will undoubtedly not be the Heat transfer printing system. As we apply all printing systems (including heat transfer) known as Conbello Textile, we also develop and apply special printing techniques in line with the technical needs of our customers. 


heat transfer vs Embroidery


Embossed Print , Silikon Enjection , Rubber Print and Reflector Print Tecniques: 


Below you can see a few raw photos of these printing systems we mentioned. However, the issue we always and persistently focus on is how you do it, not what you do as a printing system.  Which material quality you prefer and experience when using even the highest quality material is very important. Of course, when trying to create a simple brand or for a hobby, applying print systems of extremely high quality may not be so important. However, if the goal is to create a high-quality brand, there is no choice, starting with having the best machinery and the highest degree of experience. Conbello Textile will support you and reflect its deep experience in these printing systems we mentioned, as in every other subject.