Color Changing T-Shirt

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Custom Color Changing T-Shirt


Let's start by addressing a very important technical issue. The nano prints we use in color changing T-shirts and sportswear are completely organic water-based. It does not contain any toxic chemicals.


If you want to add extra strength to your brand and get Nanotechnology printed products, you are at the right place.  The T-shirt you see below has a logo or pattern (or whatever you want) that is invisible in indoor environments. When you go out in an open environment, for example, the logo or pattern that has been applied before becomes visible. Of course, we can apply any color you wish to appear in the open environment. When they enter the closed environment, they become invisible again. Also, you don't need sunlight for the logo to be visible.    


We will always provide you with the necessary technical support to implement this product on your own brand. Moreover, thanks to our newly developed technology, it costs the same as a standard T-shirt. It is enough to contact us to plan your wholesale production and to get answers to the questions in your mind.