Is gym wear a good business ?

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You should always know what you have not been told, not what you have heard and known. Discover what you're not being told in the gray area behind the scenes of fitness apparel manufacturing.

Fitness clothing is indeed an extremely popular and sought-after product, and whether you are a gym owner or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build your own brand, investing in a fitness clothing line can yield huge benefits and returns. But you may already have an activewear brand and want to grow it. However, although it may be worrying, if you have a highly experienced fully integrated manufacturing company behind you, you can actually be extremely successful. Everything is good so far, it's exactly what you want to hear. So, could there be things that are not told to you in the background of fitness clothing manufacturing, in the gray area?


Below are the questions every fitness clothing brand asks and seeks the best possible answers to. But for some reason, all of these responses are extremely positive. These are answers that explain how easy it will be to create a fitness clothing brand, explain in detail how much money you can make, and how you should market your fitness clothing.


How do I make my gym clothing brand successful?
How do I make my women fitness clothing brand successful?
How do you grow a fitness clothing brand?
Is gym wear a good business?


These aren't the answers you're looking for to make your fitness clothing brand successful. What are you not being told?

Discover the key factors that can make or break the success of your fitness clothing brand.. In this episode, we delve into the crucial aspects of t-shirt manufacturing that you must pay attention to. From the importance of quality materials to the impact of strict manufacturing processes, learn how investing in top-notch manufacturing can save you money, enhance comfort, and fortify your brand's reputation.

Essential technical issues for the success of your clothing brand and what you don't know about it: What you are not told about fitness clothing manufacturing.




You've read too many articles that tell you that by creating your fitness clothing brand, everything will be great and everything will be fine. But the truth is painful. There is no shortcut. Most people who try to make money by creating a new sportswear brand fail.

Many global website builders encourage you to do this. He says that it is very easy to make money from your sportswear brand by opening a website right away. This is a huge lie.


Shall we give you a very small and overlooked detail that will guarantee your failure when creating a gym wear brand?


We took care to keep the example we will give as simple as possible to understand. This example is just a simple example of just one of the stitch application errors. In other words, we did not go into other reasons such as the use of poor quality fabric or incorrect application of brand logo printing, because we did not want the situation to become inextricable. Here is a very simple sewing error and its result.


You have completed your dream T-Shirt and Hoodie designs. You have decided on everything that comes to mind, such as fabric, brand logo printing system. Really ? Could there be a deficiency that you have never thought of?


Different fabrics are used in all fitness clothing depending on the purpose of use. In our example, let's assume that 160 Gsm weight cotton-elastane fabric is used for the T-Shirt and 380 Gsm weight cotton-polyester fabric is used for the Hoodie. 


Different fabrics are used in all fitness clothing depending on the purpose of use. In our example, let's assume that 160 Gsm weight cotton-elastane fabric is used for the T-Shirt and 380 Gsm weight cotton-polyester fabric is used for the Hoodie.

If the sewing system applied for a cotton T-shirt fabric weighing 160 Gsm and containing elastane is used on a Hoodie fabric weighing 380 Gsm and containing elastane, the result will be very disappointing. Because you cannot understand this sewing system error we mentioned when you examine the products. It will need to be worn for a while. Apart from this, if loose-pitch stitching is used, the fit and overall look of the garment will deteriorate in a short time. If the stitching is applied too tightly, the stitches will break after wearing for a short time.

In the Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol, different sewing systems are used depending on the type of fabric used, the weight of the fabric and the intended use of the product. Sewing thread type and weight and stitch spacing are applied with a precise system for each product. Additionally, we use high-end fabric with color fastness finishing, color fixing finishing and anti-pilling finishing. Therefore, the price to be given in small businesses where this technical experience and high quality standards are not applied will of course be lower. However, we believe that you are not looking for poor quality manufacturing that will cause serious financial losses in the future, even though it may seem like a low price at the beginning.





The difference between the success or failure of your fitness clothing brand is much more subtle than you think, but it's vital. We will talk about the importance of quality sportswear production for your sportswear brand. Your fitness apparel brand will most likely have a t-shirt group in its collection. The difference between high quality and low quality t-shirts can determine the success or failure of your brand. Loose stitches, insufficient or too frequent sewing steps, or simply not cleaning the sewing threads are actually more serious mistakes than you think.


Fitness clothes produced a few cents cheaper will sink your brand.


Investing in quality materials, strict quality control and a careful manufacturing process will not only save you money in the long run, but will also provide a more comfortable and long-lasting garment. The fabric color of gym clothing products such as leggings, yoga leggings, hoodies and t-shirts, which are manufactured using low-quality fabric, fades after a few washes, has loose stitches and deteriorates quickly. High quality t-shirts, leggings, sports bras and hoodies preserve their color, durability and the brand logo print or any print applied on them.

What is the fabric quality? What does high quality fabric mean, which you often hear everywhere. Fabric fraud is much more common than you think. In order to reduce costs, saving on materials, using different fabrics instead of the fabric mentioned, employing inexperienced personnel and applying faulty stitching will ultimately cause your designs to be trash.

This is not a matter to be taken lightly, because the quality of gym wear, street wear or fitness apparel has a much greater impact on your brand's reputation than you can imagine. When it comes to producing high-quality t-shirts, leggings, gym wear, women's fitness wear and the increasingly popular athleisure clothing, even the smallest point to be neglected in technical details is enough to cause you to fail or achieve sustainable success.


High quality fabrics are mentioned. You already know this. What about what you don't know? What are you not being told?


As Conbello Textile, we frequently analyze the fabrics that our customers send us for testing. We not only analyze fabric but also print quality-material.


Examples of this include using the lowest quality cotton-viscose blend fabric instead of bamboo fabric, and using disposable short fiber promotional (disposable) fabric instead of long fiber compact 100% cotton fabric.


What does it mean to have high quality Polyamide (nylon) and Polyester fabrics, which are frequently used in fitness clothing?


You often hear the descriptions of 4-way stretchy and breathable polyamide or polyester fabric, right? Is it really so?


Unfortunately, in reality, fitness clothing brands only use 2-way stretch, not 4-way stretch polyamide and polyester fabrics. So why ?. Because in terms of the manufacturing system, 4-way stretch fabrics and 2-way stretch fabrics are not the same price. We should not forget that, in our analyzes and tests, we see that the elastane ratio, which allows these fabrics to stretch, is frequently fraudulent. For example, we found that the elastane content of a polyamide fabric, which was said to be used in leggings and sports bras that we analyzed, was only 6-8%, not 25% as stated on the label. In fact, the elastane that allows the fabrics to stretch must also be of high quality, but we do not want to overwhelm you by going into such detail.


Additionally, as a result of our tests, we often see that fabrics labeled as polyamide (nylon) fabric in fitness clothing products such as leggings, sports bras and tank tops are actually cheap and poor quality polyester fabrics. However, you may have made an investment thinking that a high quality polyamide fabric was used.


Not every polyamide (nylon) fabric is of the same quality. Just as not every 100% cotton fabric is of the same quality. And the difference between these will mean that a fitness outfit can be cheap. You cannot sell cheap and poor quality sportswear at a good price. You will need to calculate from the very beginning that you will have to deal with frequently returned products and consider the additional material and moral damage this will cause.


These technical issues will significantly affect the overall quality of the leggings, hoodies, t-shirt, such as fit, stitching and longevity. Remember, it is technically not possible to obtain efficiency from a garment manufactured with cost-cutting practices such as cheap and poor quality fabric, insufficient workmanship, and amateur printing.


Does your sportswear brand have a t-shirt line? (We used t-shirts as the basis because they are the most basic sportswear group. You can also think of it as other gym clothes such as leggings, hoodies, sports bras.)


So why is this so important? Well, when you have a t-shirt group in your sportswear brand, the quality of your t-shirts is reflected in your entire collection and brand. If you have a low-quality t-shirt, customers may assume that all your other fitness clothing is of the same low quality. And let's be honest, that wouldn't be an unfair assumption. Your customers expect consistency and excellence, and a low-quality t-shirt will tarnish your brand's reputation, resulting in loss of customers and revenue. It's important to focus on quality when designing and sourcing your t-shirts, as it's the foundation of a successful sportswear brand. To create a successful t-shirt line, investing in high-quality materials and ensuring a good production process is essential. On the other hand, investing in high-quality t-shirts will actually save you money in the long run. High quality t-shirts are made from premium materials, produced with strict quality control measures and go through a careful manufacturing process. This attention to detail ensures t-shirts meet the highest standards of quality and consistency. As a result, your customers will be satisfied, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing. Let's talk about fabric quality, which is one of the most important factors in t-shirt production.

The fabric of a t-shirt plays a crucial role in its wearability and longevity. Although a variety of fabric options are available, high-quality t-shirts are generally made of cotton, bamboo, viscose or polyamide-polyester group synthetic fabrics, which are durable materials that do not wear or shrink easily. Cotton is also breathable, which is essential for comfort in hot weather. However, in sports branches or environments where intense sweating occurs, a t-shirt made of cotton fabric will be extremely annoying. Because cotton cannot evaporate the sweat as quickly as it absorbs and turns into a piece of fabric that becomes increasingly heavy.


In the production of T-shirts (or fitness clothes such as leggings and sports bras), how and with what system the fabric is produced is extremely important, as well as the weight of the fabric.



In the investment you make for your Gym wear brand, you will not even care about a manufacturer that uses cheap and poor quality materials and workmanship. Remember that carelessness in the dyeing process of the fabric can cause your brand to go bankrupt.



In contrast, lower quality gym clothes have a shorter lifespan because they are made from thinner threads, lower quality elastane content and lighter fabrics. Apart from all these, ink containing toxic chemicals is used in the fabric dyeing process because it is cheap. The result of this cheap but poor quality fabric dyeing process will cause your customer wearing the outfit to have an allergic reaction. Investing in high-quality fabric results in greater durability, greater comfort, better color retention, and less pilling and shrinkage. This makes them more sustainable in the long run as customers won't have to replace them as often.


Fabric is not the only important element in fitness clothing.


The only aim of mass producers who produce cheap and poor quality clothing is to produce as much quantity as possible. In addition, since they offer cheap clothes, they will of course take all cost-cutting measures, both imaginable and unthinkable. But it's not just about the fabric; The structure of the t-shirt is also important. High-quality t-shirts have even seams, strong seams, and reinforcement in high-stress areas. These details contribute to the overall durability and longevity of the garment. On the other hand, poor quality t-shirts may have uneven stitching, loose threads, and poor stitching, resulting in a shortened lifespan. Printing and design techniques are also very important in highlighting the difference between a quality t-shirt and a low-quality t-shirt.


Conbello Textile always uses the highest quality standards in all stages of the manufacturing protocol.


Note: Although we have given information about T-Shirt and Hoodie products in the example below, you can consider it to include all other fitness clothing as well.


High-quality t-shirts feature crisp, vibrant prints and durable designs, achieved through the use of high-quality inks and advanced printing techniques. In contrast, low-quality t-shirts often feature blurry prints, occasional sticking, and poor design elements due to the use of low-quality inks and printing methods. Quality t-shirts also tend to be more comfortable to wear, as they are often made with softer and lighter materials. They also have a longer lifespan than low-quality t-shirts, lasting through more washes and wear and tear. In our T-shirt manufacturing, which is the basis of high-quality sportswear products in the Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol, we use original and high-quality fabrics that are not likely to shrink or fade, such as long-fiber compact cotton fabric or organic cotton. Short fiber, poor quality cotton fabrics are used in sportswear products such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuits and sweatpants, which are cheap and will be thrown away in a short time). In addition, the cuffs and collar parts of the t-shirts are not made of the t-shirt's own fabric, we use special fabrics that prevent the general appearance and pattern of the design from being distorted. Of course, in addition to the cotton fabrics we mentioned above, polyamide (nylon) and high-end polyester fabrics, which are now very popular, are among our technical fabrics that we would strongly recommend.