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Please contact Conbello Textile for Nano-technology printed color-changing T-shirts and shirts that we produce using unusual and special techniques for your streetwear brand.  If you are looking for a perfect and unique Fitness Wear and gym T-Shirt manufacturer for your sportswear brand, you are at the right place.  In fact, we've gone far beyond color-changing logo-printed T-shirts. If you wish, your entire t-shirt can be colored when you go out on the street. Moreover, in any color combination you want.  Your pattern or brand logo, which becomes visible when you go out from an indoor environment to an outdoor environment such as a street, will be invisible again when you enter the indoor environment.    

What fabric do we use to manufacture color changing T-shirts?    

  In the production of color changing T-shirts, we can use high quality 100% Cotton fabric or a technical polyester fabric that is specially produced for sportswear and evaporates the condensed sweat on the skin quickly.  In other words, we use high quality technical polyester fabrics (dry touch and dri fit fabric) that we use for gym wear.   You've already designed your ideal brand print pattern for your gym or streetwear brand.   However, our Conbello Textile design team will check the print you designed and your brand logo and give you technical advice if needed.   
Contact us to get technical information about color changing t-shirt manufacturing and to ask all your questions.

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