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Conbello Textile provides all-in-one service including design, fabric and printing technology in the manufacture of High Quality Luxury Sportswear.

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As Conbello Textile, we estimate the information that you can easily access when you do research on sportswear manufacturing. Unfortunately, these articles, information, motivational statements, and clothing manufacturers' websites that encourage you to build your sportswear brand do not fully reflect the truth.

You must understand that this vital technical information is vital to the development and growth of your clothing brand. There’s no easy way out If you care about the meaning of what we are talking about for your sportswear brand, we recommend you to continue with the blue text below after reading the short explanation about Conbello Textile.

Conbello Textile has all the certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO 10002 manufactures in Turkey (Istanbul) and produces the designs of its customers' brands in a fully integrated way from end to end. With its 5 factories and 15 departments, it successfully manufactures extremely complex designs as well as standard designs. Conbello Textile not only performs end-to-end production, but also uses its deep technical experience for the sustainable growth and prestige of your brand. It develops and manufactures its own technical fabrics as well as an unlimited variety of high-quality fabrics. Conbello Textile offers a unique, fully integrated end-to-end service with free design support, free tech pack creation and technical advice. We look forward to seeing you in our broad customer network, ranging from start-up companies to global brands and military-technical clothing.

Many are not true fully integrated manufacturers. Most of them are actually offices and/or intermediary firms. For example, a large global company may actually have its sportswear products made by real manufacturers in different countries and present them as if they were made in-house. In fact, the ratio of these companies we mentioned is just above 85%. In this case, you cannot contact the real manufacturer that produces your sportswear designs, and you will not even know the name of the manufacturer. So, is this issue important to you? It is more important than you might think. Not only do you get your sportswear designs more expensive than you think. You cannot expect your designs to be of high quality without working with a real manufacturer, without technical support and advice to ensure your designs are of high quality. In this case, you cannot expect the use of high quality original and real fabrics (Please read our yellow article below if you want to examine this vital technical issue separately). Also, unfortunately, between the sportswear manufacturers and you

You cannot customize your designs as you wish. Of course, if you are thinking of producing cheap and disposable or unsaleable fitness clothing, which we call disposable (promotional) products, you can follow this path.

The vast majority of the rest is the so-called semi-manufacturer. What this means is this. Let's take the T-shirt you customize for your brand. The semi-manufacturer does only one of the final production stages of the T-shirt. For example, just sewing t-shirts. The processes required for the t-shirt to be finalized are outsourced to different companies. We leave the serious problems you will face to your imagination for now.

Conbello Textile is Turkey's leading company engaged in end-to-end fully integrated clothing manufacturing.

You can view our certificates from this link.

Misleading information and frauds made in all fabrics such as Polyester, Polyamide, Bamboo, Cotton, Tencel, Punto Di Rome etc. used in the manufacture of fitness wear

At low order quantities (low moq) it is particularly difficult to achieve high quality garments. For more information and solutions, please click on this link. Turkey low moq clothing manufacturer

High-quality sportswear manufacturer

At the bottom of this page, you can get information about the steps you need to take to manufacture the designs of your sportswear clothes.

1) Fabric production fraud: The fabric that is said to be used is not the fabric that is actually used. For example, a legging may be labeled as polyamide fabric but the actual fabric used may be polyester fabric. We come across this fraud management way more than you might think. Unfortunately, we encounter this fraud very often when we test a fabric sample or a finished product sent to us by our customers. Or, when we put the fabric, which is said to be bamboo fabric, to the test, we see that viscose and cotton fibers are mostly mixed with bamboo fabric in order to reduce the cost. Polyamide fabric is a more expensive fabric than polyester fabric. Considering that polyamide fabric is used, the customer pays the high price, but unfortunately, what he receives in return is not high quality polyamide leggings, but only a simple leggings made of the cheapest polyester.

2) Fabric weight fraud: The fabric weight that is said to be used is not the actual weight of the fabric used. For example, in a T-shirt where oversize 100% cotton and 240 gsm fabric should be used, 200-220 gsm fabric is used to reduce the cost. Since the main goal for a manufacturer that adopts the manufacture of cheap and poor quality sportswear is to reduce costs, you may have already guessed that the fabric used will not be 100% cotton. However, not all fabrics that are 100% cotton are of the same quality. In a 100% cotton T-shirt fabric, short staple cotton fibers will be used. Whereas, long fibers compact fabric is used in high quality 100% cotton fabric.

3 ) Fraud of not completing all stages of fabric production: Failure to apply the final finishing process on fabrics used in clothing manufacturing. For example, color fastness and color fixation finishing are not applied. More detailed information on this is discussed in the Challenges faced by Startup and small business sportswear brands below.

To help your athletic apparel brand succeed, we urge you to take a few minutes to read the technical information you will not find anywhere else.

Contact Conbello Textile for all your clothing needs. Send us your designs and let us handle the rest with our top-notch manufacturing protocol. Whether it's T-shirts, leggings, sports bras, sweatshirts, hoodies, varsity jackets, equestrian clothing, or street fashion, we've got you covered.

Niche apparel in the textile industry is categorized into distinct segments.

At Conbello Textile, we utilize diverse manufacturing techniques for yoga leggings, walking leggings, high-intensity workout leggings, and equestrian leggings. The fabric production, weight, and sewing system for each type varies from one another. Sportswear produced without attention to technical details will be considered basic promotional attire.

The impact of the production quality of apparel such as hoodies and sweatshirts on your brand

Discover what you're not being told about the gray area involved in making fitness apparel.

How To Manufacture Custom Sportswear, Fitness Wear, Street Fashion Clothing And Gym Clothing

We've thought of everything down to the last detail to start or grow your clothing brand. We offer a fully integrated, exceptional end-to-end service, from free design support to top quality original fabrics and delivery to your address with high-end printing systems and craftsmanship.

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality sportswear. The brands you know as a global manufacturer are not actually manufacturers, and they have real manufacturers produce the clothing products they sell at retail or wholesale. We have been producing from design to the final product for 27 years and have become known as one of the top brands in sportswear and technical wear. Our company is proud of being a global brand in the sector, from product and fabric analysis to design, which can produce better products with fabric and printing developments, and in the manufacture of perfect products with its technical advice. 

Please follow the link to get technical information about common mistakes in fitness clothing. Manufacture of high quality technical sportswear

How Important Is Fabric Quality? Is Sewing Workmanship, Quality and Thread Used in Sewing Important?  


Are you a startup brand or a small business in the fashion industry?

We've been getting requests from startup clothing brands to accept low order quantities for a long time. We have completed a serious preparation process in order to be able to manufacture in low order quantities, which we have been testing for a while.

  With our fully integrated, end-to-end high-quality production and technical consultancy, we enable your brand to achieve sustainable growth.


The biggest and most vital problem faced by start-up clothing brands and small businesses is unfortunately that they cannot achieve high quality in their designs due to low order volumes. Also, due to the low order quantity, they cannot customize their designs as they imagine. It is their inability to obtain products containing indispensable components such as high quality fabric and advanced printing technology and meticulous sewing craftsmanship. Therefore, without a quality product, brands cannot achieve sustainable growth and have to close in a short time.

Conbello Textile's production system is that every product produced is of the highest quality, regardless of order quantity. In other words, even if each product is 100 pieces, all its components will be of the same quality as a global clothing brand.

Although quality activewear often costs more than poorly made options, investing in your clothes saves you money.  Other very sensitive technical data that you should not risk for the future of your clothing brand are also important. The fabric to be used in a cheap active wear product will pilling in the first wash and the color will fade. It will also shrink considerably in the first wash. So, essentially a M-Size clothing item will be S-Size after washing. So, are the problems limited to these? Of course not. The fitness wear product you get very cheaply will actually cost 4-5 times more than the money you pay. Here's another reason for that. In cheap manufacturing systems, no attention is paid to the quality of sewing, the sewing thread and sewing workmanship used.  Low quality clothing needs to be replaced frequently, while high quality clothing will last for longer.  Color fixation, finishing and technical applications that give color fastness are not applied to the fabric used in a cheap and therefore poor quality clothing product.  


In the Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol, fabrics with color fastness finishing and anti-pilling finishing are used.

To ensure a successful and efficient start, we will first request information about your sportswear, fitness wear, gym wear or streetwear designs, as well as the garments you wish to manufacture.

It may be a T-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, a polo t-shirt, leggings, a sports bra, a vegan leather jacket, a technical coat made of softshell fabric, or a fleece coat.  You can send your designs of your clothing products as a Tech pack file.

Don't you have a Tech pack file of your clothing designs? No problem.

If you don't have a Tech pack file that you're sure is correct, don't worry. You can send your designs as a product photo or a product link. You can also submit your product information as a simple sketch. The information in almost most Technical package files is full of errors such as disproportionation. Our experienced designers will correct these errors.  

How exactly is the production of sportswear tailored to your brand done?  

You can also visit our frequently asked questions page on technical issues. If you want more in-depth information, the information on our Tech blog can help.

 The private label sportswear manufacturing system we are talking about differs greatly from the standard mass production companies. Many people actually misunderstand private label manufacturing. They think that producing a sportswear product, which is constantly produced on the production line, with your brand's logo and the print pattern you send, is the manufacture of special clothing. However, this is definitely not the manufacture of private label sportswear. Conbello Textile provides free technical advice on the highest quality fabrics you should use and the trend printing systems that best suit your brand logo. 

In quality sportswear, there are elements that will cause serious loss of money if you do not pay attention. 

We can give a very simple and small example of this. Let's say you want to apply your brand logo on a T-shirt manufactured using technical polyester or cotton fabric, using the flexo (Transfer-heat sealed) printing system. So, could this be a problem? Yes, it can cause an error that can cost a lot more than you think. So why ? Because your brand logo may not be suitable for the Transfer printing system we mentioned. Of course, your gym wear brand logo may not even be suitable for embroidering. So what is the solution in such a case ?  

How to solve the logo application problem of your clothing brand?

Whatever your products are like Active wear, street wear or a gym wear yoga Leggings, they will be subject to a free technical review when you send us your designs and brand logo. If, after a free technical review, we find that your brand logo is not suitable for the printing system you want applied, we will again provide you with free technical advice. And we will solve this important problem immediately. !

Please contact us to get information about our high quality technical Polyester fabrics used during intense sports activities.

It's one thing to understand why you should get quality clothing, but it's another to know how to find it. When you invest in your clothes, look for activewear with all of the following features:

Exercising in the heat comes with some degree of risk. In high temperatures, people tend to overheat. The wrong clothing could leave you dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke.

Conbello Textile, quality sportswear protects you from dehydration or heat-related illness. It's designed to keep you cool, even when the sun is strong or the humidity is high. To invest in your clothes means to invest in your well-being.

Although quality activewear often costs more than poorly made options, investing in your clothes saves you money. Low quality clothing needs to be replaced frequently, while high quality clothing will last for longer.


Quickly evaporating the sweat on the skin will result in a very significant performance increase.

 If you're outside on a hot day, you will inevitably sweat. But the right fabric will be breathable and prevent you from getting too hot. Additionally, it will wick away any moisture.

Instead of being sticky and hot after a workout, you'll be dry and comfortable. Look for clothing that is labeled as sweat-wicking and breathable. 

Conbello Textile makes its production by taking these issues into consideration.

How will you understand the quality fabric?

You can send your questions to Conbello Textile after reading the important information article below.

Of course, they can tell you that the fabric they use for your T-shirt is 100% cotton.

You should know that not all kinds of cotton are created equal. Longer length fibres, as well as tighter woven fibres, produce longer-lasting apparel. True quality is associated with the density and softness of the material, not its weight or thickness. So trust a cotton fabric that is soft and firm at the same time as opposed to a heavy and thick one.

Although, synthetic fibres can also be of good quality. Natural textiles exist in both good and bad forms and the same can be said for synthetic.  

How can you send us your fitness apparel designs?

Please note that if you submit your designs via the two different methods below, we will definitely need the information in item 3.

Important Note: When submitting your designs to our Conbello Textile manufacturing department, if you are not sure about the accuracy of all issues such as overall design, fabric type and weight, brand logo printing system, please ask for technical advice. Even if you do not ask for advice, our technical design team will thoroughly analyze your designs and make any recommendations we deem necessary to ensure that the garments are of the highest quality.

1) All you need to do is email us the tech pack files of your garment designs (if you have a tech pack) in PDF (or JPEG, etc.) format. Average order quantity for each design. Your country, first name, last name and cell phone number.

2) Another way to send us your apparel designs is to send us the URL link of the tights you want to produce and/or photos taken from different angles. Average order quantity for each design. Your country, first name, last name and cell phone number.

3) Information about the type of fabric you want to use in the production of your sportswear (Polyester, Polyamide, Cotton, Cotton-Polyester Blend, Viscose, Tencel, Bamboo, Modal, Micro-Polyester, etc.), fabric weight, fabric color, brand logo and other printed patterns. Average order quantity of each design. Your country, first name, last name and mobile phone number.

Both methods are equally effective in getting your designs to us.


To sum up in conclusion

Regardless of the type of clothing, you should know that one of the vital issues that make a difference is sewing. For a little technical information on clothes and leggings, please click here

( What you were not told and painful experiences )

Of course, Conbello Textile is not content with using its deep technical knowledge only in manufacturing. It is always with you with technical advice on transportation to your door and on any subject you can think of. As a result of all this, you just wait for your clothing products to arrive at your door without having to worry about anything. 

Below you can find some pages about clothing manufacturing that we think will be extremely useful.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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