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How do you build a successful sportswear brand? Alternatively, you may wish to improve the quality of an existing apparel brand. Conbello Textile will provide complete and ongoing guidance on how to grow your apparel brand.  

How To Manufacture Custom Sportswear, Fitness Wear, Street Fashion Clothing And Gym Clothing

Although quality activewear often costs more than poorly made options, investing in your clothes saves you money. Low quality clothing needs to be replaced frequently, while high quality clothing will last for longer. 

To ensure a successful and efficient start, we will first request information about your sportswear, fitness wear, sportswear, or streetwear designs, as well as the garments you wish to manufacture. It may be a T-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, a polo t-shirt, leggings, a sports bra, a vegan leather jacket, a technical coat made of softshell fabric, or a fleece coat.  You can send your t-shirt designs as a Tech pack file. You can also submit your product information as a simple sketch. The information in almost most Technical package files is full of errors such as disproportionation. Our experienced designers will correct these errors.  

How exactly is the production of sportswear tailored to your brand done?  

The private label production system we are talking about differs from the standard mass production companies. Many people actually misunderstand private label manufacturing. They think that it is a private label to produce a sportswear product that is constantly produced on the production line, with your brand's logo and the print pattern you send. However, this is definitely not private label sportswear manufacturing. Conbello Textile completes everything you can think of, from the highest fabrics you need to use, to the printing system and even to shipping to your door, without giving you a chance to worry.


What to Look for in Quality Sportswear Clothing

Please contact us to get information about our high quality technical Polyester fabrics used during intense sports activities.

It's one thing to understand why you should get quality clothing, but it's another to know how to find it. When you invest in your clothes, look for activewear with all of the following features:

Exercising in the heat comes with some degree of risk. In high temperatures, people tend to overheat. The wrong clothing could leave you dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke.

Conbello Textile, quality sportswear protects you from dehydration or heat-related illness. It's designed to keep you cool, even when the sun is strong or the humidity is high. To invest in your clothes means to invest in your well-being.

Although quality activewear often costs more than poorly made options, investing in your clothes saves you money. Low quality clothing needs to be replaced frequently, while high quality clothing will last for longer.


If you're outside on a hot day, you will inevitably sweat. But the right fabric will be breathable and prevent you from getting too hot. Additionally, it will wick away any moisture.

Instead of being sticky and hot after a workout, you'll be dry and comfortable. Look for clothing that is labeled as sweat-wicking and breathable. 

Conbello Textile makes its production by taking these issues into consideration.

How will you understand the quality fabric?

You can send your questions to Conbello Textile after reading the important information article below.

Of course, they can tell you that the fabric they use for your T-shirt is 100% cotton.

You should know that not all kinds of cotton are created equal. Longer length fibres, as well as tighter woven fibres, produce longer-lasting apparel. True quality is associated with the density and softness of the material, not its weight or thickness. So trust a cotton fabric that is soft and firm at the same time as opposed to a heavy and thick one.

Although, synthetic fibres can also be of good quality. Natural textiles exist in both good and bad forms and the same can be said for synthetic.

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Door to door Shipping

UNIQUE SHIPPING and DELIVERY:  You don't need to do anything for shipping.In other words, you don't have to worry about the shipping and delivery of your products.CONBELLO TEXTILE undertakes all transportation.  Your products will be delivered to your door. In addition, thanks to the ATR Certificate that we will issue specifically for you, you will not pay any customs tax in your country.   All you have to do is plan for your sales while you wait for your products.  Our shipping system is valid for both sample products and all of your wholesale orders.

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