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We provide fully integrated manufacturing for all apparel segments including leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, tracksuits, cropped sweatshirts, varsity jackets, coats, mountaineering clothing, tactical military clothing, technical clothing and equestrian leggings and breeches.

Conbello Textile is a manufacturer of high quality men's and women's fitness clothing. It offers fast, reliable and comprehensive customer support at all stages from design to final wholesale production. We ensure that you have a complete and high quality fitness clothing design.

Just tell us what you need for your fitness apparel brand and we will take care of everything from brainstorming to production.

Conbello Textile fitness clothing manufacturing protocol operates on the basis of military discipline with strict guidelines. So what exactly does this mean? Is there any benefit for your clothing brand? Yes, it gives much more importance and meaning than you think. Please take a few minutes and read to the end to understand this vital topic.

You may have read ample information on how to start and grow a fitness clothing brand. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there are no shortcuts, and even the slightest mistake can result in significant material and moral losses. When creating a business plan for your fitness apparel company, it's important to understand potential risks and how to address them.

How can you ensure the success of your gym clothing brand?

What is the Conbello Textile fully integrated production protocol and how does it work?

1 ) The general areas covered by our fully integrated manufacturing protocol start with the general control of the designs you submit to us or the design of clothing products from scratch, technical advice to take the brand to the next level, and our high-quality fabric recommendations.

2 ) In the continuation of fully integrated manufacturing, the preparation of the design pattern, the determination and manufacturing of the brand logo printing technique, the determination and manufacturing of the printing technology (including embroidery types) to be applied on fitness clothing are completed. In the continuation of the process, the most appropriate sewing technique required by the design is determined and the accessories to be used in sportswear products are determined.

3 ) All stages of the high-level manufacturing of your fitness clothing designs go through quality control processes. The final stage of this complex manufacturing process is completed with packaging and stacking in special export boxes and simultaneously begins the transportation stage to your door.

4 ) Our unique service also includes the transportation of prototype fitness clothing to be produced before wholesale production or fitness clothing products that have been wholesale manufactured to your address. No matter which country you are in the world, you do not have to take care of any work, including paperwork. Since it is carried out with Conbello Textile's deep experience of more than 35 years, you can focus on the rest of your work.

Custom athletic apparel manufacturer

How do I start my own fitness brand ?. 

You can find clear and understandable answers to the question of how to start my own fitness clothing brand, which is much more complicated than thought, on the Conbello Textile pages. Or, simply send your designs to our manufacturing department's email address


No fitness clothing brand wants other brands, and especially its competitors, to know which manufacturer its designs are produced by. Your special designs are produced under full assurance and confidentiality with Conbello Textile.

High Quality Fitness Custom apparel and Manufacturing. Custom fitness apparel wholesale manufacture

You may want to start your own sportswear or fitness wear brand or expand your existing clothing brand.  In recent years, it has become quite fashionable to create your own activewear brand. However, the truth may not always be what it seems. It may be vitally important for you to read the rest of this informative article. For example, if you want to produce a special yoga wear leggings to be worn in the gym, you need to know how delicate (and indeed a very thin line) that fine line is between failure and success. Although it is very short and basic, it will be to your advantage to be informed. 

As a sports clothes manufacturer and wholesale fitness apparel suppliers, Conbello Textile is aware of the challenges faced in finding a high quality manufacturer. 

Mid-size fitness apparel vendor brands (including Startup sportswear and small workout clothes vendors and brands) have a hard time finding a high-quality gym clothes, fitness apparel manufacturer. Of course, this problem is exacerbated as they will not place a one-time order. In addition, it is quite natural that they want to receive support in financial matters such as sample production of sports clothes, timely delivery of wholesale production, advantages in customs duties.

The biggest and most vital problem faced by mid-size fitness apparel brands is that unfortunately they cannot achieve high quality in their designs due to low order volumes. Also, due to the low order quantity, they cannot customize their designs as they imagine. It is almost impossible for them to obtain products containing indispensable components such as high quality fabric and advanced printing technology and meticulous sewing workmanship. Therefore, without a quality product, startups and small brands cannot achieve sustainable growth and have to close in a short time.

Conbello Textile's production system is that every product produced is of the highest quality, regardless of order quantity. Your products will be of the same high quality as high quality global brands.

How to find clothing manufacturers in Turkey. Custom embroidery hoodie manufacturer. High Quality Fitness clothing ( Leggings, Sports Bras, Varsity Jacket etc )

You can examine the problems encountered in the production of clothing below. You can also read the following 6 basic items as problems or requests, required features.

1) Not being able to obtain high quality products.

2 ) To give essential technical advice in order to ensure that the quality of sportswear is at the highest level. To report the technical errors of the ordering brand in products such as fitness apparel, sport clothes and to give technical advice to eliminate these errors.

3) Not being able to find a real manufacturing company that accepts low order quantities and will produce high quality products.

4) Not being able to find a highly experienced manufacturing company that does truly fully integrated production. (Must have all necessary machines for fully integrated production)

5) Not being able to communicate directly with the real manufacturer without any intermediary firm (office). The tedious paperwork in the wholesale manufacturing phase. The fact that the manufacturer of the sport clothes does not help the sportswear brand that orders it to be exempt from customs duty in the country where it is located. Or the inability to do so due to commercial incompetence and inexperience.

6) Since you are a startup, a small-scale or medium-sized sportswear company, you cannot be expected to master all technical issues related to ready-made clothing manufacturing. (Actually, even medium and large brands do not have full knowledge of these technical issues.) Finding an experienced manufacturer company that will give you technical advice and/or warning about your designs in your clothing brand's collection.

Conbello Textile clothing manufacturing protocol:

1) As a sports clothes manufacturer, we provide free support in all processes from the prototype production of your fitness clothing design to the wholesale production stage. You don't have to deal with paperwork. We will also inform you about your country's customs tax benefits. For countries such as the European Union, United Kingdom, Ireland, you will not pay customs duty thanks to the certificate we will issue specially for your company.

2 ) Fabric quality (Color fixing finishing and anti-pilling finishing processes have been completed fabric: It is a series of applications applied in fabric production to prevent color fading, lumping-pilling and shrinkage after washing.)

3 ) High quality sewing workmanship and use of product-specific thread.

4) All applications such as high print quality (passes all tests successfully and does not contain toxic chemicals).

5) We provide free support on all technical issues you can think of, such as the general appearance of your design, brand logo applications. One of them is free tech pack creation.

Private Label Fitness Apparel

The best fitness wear manufacturer : Conbello Textile, fitness apparel manufacturers has a very special distinction between. Fitness clothing supplier we offer and recommend our high-quality technical fabrics for your use. We do not only follow the technical developments in the private label exercise clothes, athletic wear industry, but also develop special technical fabrics in the field of gym wear.

If you are not entirely sure what Private Label Fitness apparel manufacturing is, you should know that you are in very serious danger. Of course, our aim is not to discourage you from creating your fitness or streetwear brand. However, when creating a new clothing brand, it is to draw your attention to the fact that nothing is as it seems. An average of 50-60 start-up brands per month who want to create a new clothing brand apply to the Conbello Textile communication line. Conbello Textile applies two different manufacturing protocols for Global and medium-sized brands and Start-Up brands. That's why we can accept low order quantities. Our goal is to help start-up and small-size brands get the same high quality product as a global brand, and help them grow. In this context, we assist brands that meet the criteria of Conbello Textile management. First of all, the fault we see in almost all of the new initiatives aiming to create a new sportswear or gym wear is not that they have incomplete or inaccurate technical knowledge. Because this issue is valid for many big brands.  When we inform them about the best and correct technical information and corrections for the clothing product they want to obtain, they insistently want to continue in the direction they know (unfortunately, the subject they know wrong).  We are unable to assist start-up clothing brands that do not accept corrections after pointing out the errors in their apparel products and despite all warnings. So why don't we help?  

As a fitness apparel manufacturer, we really want you to get off to a great start.  

To get a great and right start or grow your already existing clothing brand, we need to fix some very sensitive technical issues. But we would like to clarify the issue mentioned above. Some of the mistakes we frequently encounter in start-up clothing brands are about fabric selection and quality.  

Many start-up activewear brands or mid-size gym clothing brands have the erroneous perception that an eye-catching fabric is already of good quality and goodness. Of course, it cannot be expected that clothing brands have very deep knowledge about the fabrics to be used.  It is very important to know that a fabric that is very pleasing to the eye, when produced without color fixation and color fastness, will fade or pill in the first wash. And unfortunately, when you think that your brand logo and all other patterns to be applied to a cheap and therefore poor quality fabric will deteriorate in a very short time, you can expect that your investment and brand image will be lost.   

Private Label Clothing Manufacturer in Turkey  

We provide free design support in the manufacture of Private Label Apparel. To give an example, when you send us the designs of your clothing brand as a Tech pack file, we first check it for possible errors. Our highly experienced stylists will correct any mistakes for you. Then, your clothing designs sent to our technical design and manufacturing department are evaluated on many different issues such as fabric type, brand logo printing system. When this stage is completed, we will inform you of our technical advice, which will allow you to benefit from our deep technical knowledge free of charge. 

You are not subject to limitations for your clothing brand.   How and by what method can you send us your designs?  

In fact, many Tech pack files are inaccurate, although they are quite popular in clothing manufacturing. After the technical review, we will fix all the bugs for you, no matter what type of fitness wear, outdoor wear, gym wear, street wear, sportswear, yoga wear. However, it should be noted that you don't even need to send us a Tech pack file. Because we will prepare a free Tech pack file for you during the prototype manufacturing process for your clothing brand. In other words, you can send your clothing designs that you want us to produce, even as photos and/or links.   

Global brand quality high-end activewear manufacturer

As a manufacturer of active wear, Conbello Textile is distinguished from other manufacturers in the field of custom-made active wear. One of the most important reasons for this is that it carries out all works such as design, fabric selection, fabric cutting, printing applications and sewing in its own factories in a fully integrated manner. In other words, it offers a unique service as a fully integrated sportswear factory from A to Z.

In the field of branded sportswear, we manufacture all active wear products such as leggings, equestrian leggings, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sports bras, varsity jackets with the highest quality and flawlessly.

We manufacture all our clothing products using the highest quality fabrics, precise-clean sewing and the highest quality printing systems.  

Slim-fit or Oversized T-Shirt in 100% Cotton or Polyester Technical fabric.

A perfect Equestrian Leggings with your brand logo and silicone material printed.

Excellent design Leggings with detail pockets in high quality Polyester or Polyamide fabric.

A great Sports Bra with hidden pockets.

A stunning Softshell jacket.

A unique T-shirt that wraps the body, manufactured with technical fabric for bodybuilding.

An Oversized Hoodie in heavy cotton knit fabric that will keep you warm in winter.

Shirts and goalie shorts made of special technical fabrics for sports clubs.

Below you can find some pages about clothing manufacturing that we think will be extremely useful.

Our technical leggings that you can wear both in your daily work and in the gym. Athleisure Leggings.

Technical information on manufacturing high quality T-shirts

We know very well the problems faced by startups and small businesses.

We provide unmatched support for start-up brands and small businesses in the fashion industry.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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