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If your aim is to get any T-Shirt for your sportswear brand, of course you will have many options. However, if you aimed to create a high-end sportswear brand, the situation would be the opposite. Your options will be much less than you might think. There are many companies that manufacture cheap and poor quality t-shirts. More than 80% of the t-shirts on the market consist of promotional-low quality t-shirts, which we call disposable. Well, can't you sell this type of t-shirt for your fitness clothing brand? .Of course you can sell, but this time your competitors will be much more than you might think. You can only sell such poor quality t-shirts in large numbers and at very low profit margins.

If you aimed to create a high-end sportswear brand, the situation would be just the opposite. Your options will be much less than you think. You really have to have high quality T-Shirts in all aspects. In this case, here are the first questions that come to mind.

We are sure that the following unique technical information will be useful to avoid falling into the low price trap and achieve sustainable growth in your sportswear brand.

How do I find a good T-shirt manufacturer?

How do I start my own T Shirt brand ?

How to find a High Quality Custom T-Shirt Manufacturer ?

What is the best t-shirt fabric ?

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If you have T-shirt group products in your clothing brand, do you know that even low quality in a single product can destroy the reputation of the entire brand?

Knowing the technical aspects of why high-end T-shirt production is so important can be the difference between the success and failure of your clothing brand. In the links below you will find answers to your questions that you cannot find anywhere else.

We use high quality fabric in fitness wear, such as t-shirt. We do not manufacture poor quality disposable (disposable) t-shirts, which is another form of t-shirt production. We use the highest quality fabric types in the manufacture of clothes such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and all finishing processes have been completed. All finishing processes such as color fixing finishing and pilling prevention finishing of the fabrics we use in our production have been completed. Although our fabric variety is unlimited, we find it useful to list the basic fabric types. We can use the following main fabric types in the 120-650 Gsm range and all colors for high quality clothing specific to your sportswear brand.

Cotton Fabric. 100% Cotton, Cotton-Polyester blend, Premium Compact Cotton, Sirospun Cotton and all varieties.

Real Bamboo Fabric

Ultra Viscose fabric

Dry Touch (Dri-Fit) Fabric.

Polyester-Polyamide Fabric.

Modal and Micro Modal Fabric.

Lyocell ( Tencel ) Fabric

Our basic printing systems for sportswear products such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts

We apply different types of printing according to the type of fitness wear (eg leggings, sports bra or Varsity jacket). Of course, we will give you technical information about which printing system cannot be applied to which fabric types or the application technique of printing systems. We can give a simple example. We use water-based printing without chemical toxic substances on cotton or cotton-polyester fabric types used in fitness clothes such as T-shirts and Hoodies.

The printing systems we use are basically as follows.

The most advanced machine uses all printing techniques such as Screen printing ( 12 Colors - Water-based ink), High-pattern printing, Silicone printing, Transfer printing (40 different types), DTG (Direct-to-garment printing), 3D Flexo printing, Sublimation digital printing. We practice with our track.  

When you work with Conbello Textile, you will have many unique advantages. The most important of these is the unique advantage of being in direct contact with a fully integrated manufacturing company that completes all stages of sportswear production within its own structure. There will be no office, intermediary firm or broker firm between you and us. You will directly ask us about the designs of your sportswear brand (specific to the t-shirt on this page) and all your technical problems and requests. In addition, we first send our high quality new fabrics that we develop and produce to our customers and get their thoughts.

Things to Give Up When You Want to Manufacture Cheap T-Shirts

Sportswear Manufacturer in Europe

There is a trap that startups, small businesses and mid-sized athletic brands in particular often fall into. We call this extremely common trap the underpricing trap. A manufacturer who charges a low price for apparel will naturally have to compensate by cutting back on a lot of production steps. If you fall into the low price trap, the main things you will have to compromise on are a few criteria. Of course, you should also consider the delays you will encounter in completing your garments and the problems that disrupted paperwork will cause.

We have briefly listed what you should give up when you invest in a cheap and therefore poor quality t-shirt for your sportswear brand. You can find more detailed information on our other pages and in our technical data sheet. Or you can ask the Conbello Textile manufacturing department directly.

1) You should not expect the fabric to be of good quality. It will fade and deteriorate in a few washes. The overall stance and fit of the t-shirt will not fit well on the wearer. Skews and t-shirt pattern disproportions can be visible.

2) It will shrink after washing, and if it is Medium, it will undoubtedly be Small. As a result, it will not be able to be worn by the user who purchased your sportswear product.

3) The fabric clumps in the first use. Therefore, your brand logo or pattern on the T-shirt (fabric) will appear distorted.

4) The seams will be uneven and will start to break during washing.

5) The stance of the T-shirt that you have custom made for your sportswear brand on the user will be faulty and distorted. In other words, the T-shirt cutting pattern will be wrong. Instead of the rib fabric used on the collars and beautifying the general stance, a collar will be sewn from its own fabric.

6) The printing technology to be applied on the t-shirt you design for your sportswear brand will be cheap and of poor quality. If we consider that the printing system you want to apply on the t-shirt is screen printing, ink containing toxic chemicals will be used. An extremely thick (linoleum effect) printing application, such as plastic coating, will be used. Since cheap ink will be used and sufficient drying process will not be done after printing, the print applied to the t-shirt will come off the fabric surface after a few washes and its color will fade. Because the main purpose in cheap and fast manufacturing is not to manufacture quality products.

Of course, these negativities are not limited to those mentioned above. As a result, a thought arises like the saying that free cheese is only found in a mousetrap. You will realize that the money you spend to get a cheap T-shirt actually costs you much more. Of course, it is necessary to take into account that your brand image has been seriously injured.


What cheating methods are used to reduce the cost in the manufacture of cheap and poor quality fitness clothing?. The most important thing to avoid.

What you need to know in the manufacture of high-quality fitness wear

You've read about the cheap t-shirt (or any fitness apparel) manufacturing system above. Below you can read the basics of manufacturing the perfect T-shirt of the highest quality for your sportswear brand. Please contact Conbello Textile for more detailed information. We will be pleased to provide you with detailed technical information.

Conbello Textile offers a fully integrated and complete service from free design support to the most suitable fabric selection, high quality different sewing types, all known printing systems (including Nano Technological Printing and Embroidery), custom printed packaging and door-to-door delivery.

We use the highest quality on all fabric types and weights (such as 100% Cotton or Spandex blend ,Tencel, Punto di Roma, Micro Interlock , Micro Polyester , Polyamide , Dry Fit, 4-Way Premium stretch fabric). We also provide recommendations for the most suitable fabric type and printing system for your product, and provide free, fast, continuous support.

How does our perfect T-shirt manufacturing protocol of the highest quality work?

1 ) First of all, you should send us your designs as photos or Tech Pack by e-mail. You can also send it as a physical sample if you wish. We work with documents at all stages of production, from design to sample preparation and mass production. Thus, we eliminate the possibility of error. Another method of sending your design to us is the url link of the product you want to be manufactured.

2 ) Your T-shirt or fitness apparel design is first reviewed by our technical design team. After the detailed review is completed, all technical errors, if any, are corrected. You will then be sent a digitized version of your T-shirt design if needed. In this digital document, all details such as T-shirt outlines, fabric type and weight, brand logo or patterns to be applied, general sizing will be included.

3 ) If necessary, we update the product by applying corrections or changes again.

4 ) When the final decision on the sample product is made, we send the completed sample to your address. At this stage, we send you the Proforma Invoice Agreement containing all the detailed information about the sample. When you check and confirm, you have made your payment. When your payment is approved by our bank, we immediately start your sample preparation process. 

Sample prices for t-shirts or any fitness wear or outdoor wear are calculated according to product features. There are many variables such as the complexity of the design, the type and weight to be used, accessories. When you place a wholesale order later, some or all of this fee will be deducted from the total amount, depending on the amount of your wholesale order.

5 ) When the physical sample of the t-shirt reaches your address, you can approve the wholesale production or make any revisions you wish. When you revise, an updated digital design for the t-shirt (or Hoodie, leggings, sports bra or any clothing item) is sent. Then, your proforma invoice for wholesale manufacturing is issued and sent to you. When the final decision about the product is made, we start the wholesale production process.

We have Oeko Tex Standard 100 and GRS, GOTS and all other certificates.

ISO 9001 / ISO 10002 / ISO 31000 / ISO 45000 / ISO 14001 

Below you can find some pages about clothing manufacturing that we think will be extremely useful.

We know very well the problems faced by startups and small businesses.

Is the t-shirt a simple clothing item? Why isn't every T-shirt of the same quality?

Conbello Textile occupies a unique place among custom shirt and t-shirt manufacturers. Among the most important reasons for this, we know that it is not possible for our customers to have the technical issues required for a clothing product to be of high quality. We provide technical advice to our customers and specify the technical details required to manufacture T-shirts at the highest level. To give the simplest and most vital example, if your fabric is cheap and therefore of poor quality, you have already lost from the very beginning. Color fixation and color fastness finishing processes of all our fabrics have been completed.

Whether your clothing brand is a start-up or a mid-range emerging brand, you already know that technical knowledge is the secret to success. So please click the link to get some more detailed technical information.

We provide unmatched support for start-up brands in the fashion industry.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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