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First of all, you should have a clear idea of what quality you want the t-shirt you want to sell for your sportswear brand. 

Things to Give Up When You Want to Manufacture Cheap T-Shirts

We list below what you need to give up for a t-shirt as cheap as possible. However, there will be some technical issues that you have to give up.

1) You should not expect the fabric to be of good quality. It will fade and deteriorate in a few washes.

2) It will shrink after washing, and if it is Medium, it will undoubtedly be Small. As a result, it will not be able to be worn by the user who purchased your sportswear product.

3) The fabric clumps in the first use. Therefore, your brand logo or pattern on the T-shirt (fabric) will appear distorted.

4) The seams will be uneven and will start to break during washing.

5) The stance of the T-shirt that you have custom made for your sportswear brand on the user will be faulty and distorted. In other words, the T-shirt cutting pattern will be wrong. Instead of the rib fabric used on the collars and beautifying the general stance, a collar will be sewn from its own fabric.

Of course, these negativities are not limited to those mentioned above. As a result, a thought arises like the saying that free cheese is only found in a mousetrap. You will realize that the money you spend to get a cheap T-shirt actually costs you much more. Of course, it is necessary to take into account that your brand image has been seriously injured.

If you want to obtain a perfect product of the highest quality for your sportswear brand, not a cheap disposable T-shirt, which we refer to as a promotion above, please contact Conbello Textile. We will be pleased to provide you with detailed technical information.

Whether your clothing brand is a start-up or a mid-range emerging brand, you already know that technical knowledge is the secret to success. So please click the link to get some more detailed technical information.

We successfully manufacture custom apparel for a large number of brands in the USA, Europe and the UK. We are honored to be the hidden power behind many brands from Iceland to New Zealand, from Australia to Canada.

T-shirt (Basic / Compression / Oversize etc.) / Sweatshirt / Hoodie / Uniform / Leggings / Sports Bra / Tracksuit / Short / Blouse / Windbreaker / Cap / Shirt and much more

Conbello Textile offers a fully integrated and complete service from free design support to the most suitable fabric selection, high quality different sewing types, all known printing systems (including Nano Technological Printing and Embroidery), custom printed packaging and door-to-door delivery.

We use the highest quality on all fabric types and weights (such as 100% Cotton or Spandex blend , Punto di Roma, Micro Interlock , Micro Polyester , Dry Fit, 4-Way Premium stretch fabric). We also provide recommendations for the most suitable fabric type and printing system for your product, and provide free, fast, continuous support.


1 ) First of all, you should send us your designs as photos or Tech Pack by e-mail. You can also send it as a physical sample if you wish. We work with documents at all stages of production, from design to sample preparation and mass production. Thus, we eliminate the possibility of error.

2 ) According to the information you provide to us, we send you a digitalized version of your product. The document we will send contains all the detailed information required.

3 ))If necessary, we update the product by applying corrections or changes again.

4 ) When the final decision about the sample product is reached, we send the completed sample to your address. At this stage, we send you the Proforma Invoice Contract, which includes all the detailed information about the sample. When you check and approve, you make your payment. When your payment is approved by our bank, we will start your sample preparation process immediately.

We calculate the pricing of samples or samples according to product specifications. When you later place a wholesale order, some or all of this fee will be deducted from the total amount, depending on the amount of your wholesale order. We are clearly informed about this issue.

5 ) After the sample reaches your address and checks by you, we start the wholesale production process. If you want to make a change again, we are sending an updated digital sample. When the final decision is made about the product, we start the wholesale production process.

We have Oeko Tex Standard 100 and GRS, GOTS and all other certificates.

ISO 9001 / ISO 10002 / ISO 31000 / ISO 45000 / ISO 14001 

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We've thought of everything down to the last detail to start or grow your clothing brand. We provide a fully integrated, exceptional end-to-end service, from free design support to top quality original fabrics and delivery to your address with high-end printing systems and craftsmanship. 

CONBELLO TEXTILE undertakes all transportation operations. Your products will be delivered to your door. In addition, you will not pay any customs tax in your country, thanks to the document we will issue specially for you. All you have to do is plan your sales while you wait for your products.


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