Custom Sweat Activated Shirt

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Custom Shirt Active With Sweating. Custom  Wholesale Water activated Shirt :



We can briefly describe this type of T-shirts as the visibility of the logo or any pattern printed with the nano-technological system during the sweating process.  Of course, it doesn't take sweat for the caption or logo to be visible. Simply, you can make the logo visible even by wetting it with your hand. Generally, it is preferred by athletes who do hard sports. As Conbello Textile, we also apply different and very special Nano technological printing systems, of which we are the first and only application in the world. To give an example, we can give our nano-technology printed T-shirts that disappear when sweating starts, not during sweating.  When you want to order T-shirt products with logo or any text and pattern that are active with sweating to strengthen your brand, it is sufficient to contact us. We will give you detailed technical information about logo size customization and system. 

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