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If you want a really high quality Sweatshirt or Hoodie for your clothing brand, first of all, you should have a sportswear manufacturer solution partner that you can fully trust.  In fact, the Hoodie, which we will manufacture specifically for your brand, will be exactly the same quality as the product of a global sportswear brand in terms of fabric, printing and sewing workmanship.   Because we manufacture for global brands that you already know.

Here, we would like to share some brief information on how and under what conditions the product should be perfect, in particular for the Hoodie. How to make a perfect Hoodie

  1. Most of the global sports brands use 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend fabric for Hoodie. Of course, if you wish, we can use it on 100% cotton fabric. The weight of the fabric generally varies between 320 grams and 450 grams. In addition to all these fabrics that we mentioned as hoodie fabric, we also use 550 grams of super heavyweight fabric.
  2. You decide on the weight and color of your hoodie fabric. Does everything look great? Actually not !  Do you know with which dyeing system the fabric is dyed? After a few washes, the color of the Hoodie fabric may begin to fade.  There are two reasons why the color of the hoodie fabric fades after washing. You are the first and most important reason because you wanted to cost the least.  Therefore, the hoodie fabric was dyed with the cheapest and poor quality paint and technique.  Also, because you wanted a cheap hoodie, the fabric used was made from cheap and therefore poor quality yarns.  And of course the problems for a cheap hoodie are not limited to these. Whatever the pressure applied on it, it will deteriorate and separate from the fabric in a very short time.   So how much did the Hoodie you want to cost cheap cost after all?  It actually cost an average of 5 or 10 times what you paid for.  You cannot sell such a poor quality Hoodie to your customers. Your brand reputation is completely destroyed and therefore you lost all your money. But most importantly, you will lose your excitement.   For this reason, there is a saying that we love so much. Free cheese is only found in a mousetrap. You must cover the necessary cost for a quality and trouble-free sportswear.
  3. We use all of the highest quality printing systems for the Hoodie, which we will manufacture specifically for your clothing brand. We will give you vital advice on the most suitable printing techniques when you submit your brand logo.  We can use screen printing, which is one of the most used printing techniques. In addition, we do this printing technique not with a cheap and poor quality ink, but by using fully organic water-based ink.  We use water-based ink that does not contain any poison in the printing systems of our sportswear 
  4. Of course, we use not only screen printing printing system, but also quality and trend printing systems such as Puff printing, Relief printing, Silicone printing, Flexo printing, Transfer printing, High-pattern printing, in sportswear, but specifically for Hoodie.  We would like to remind you that we can apply your brand logo on the Hoodie with perfect embroidery work for a high quality look in sportswear.
  5. Continuing to talk about the hoodie, you already know how important the details are. To give an example, we can use metal inserts in your hoodie laces (quality laces in different colors and appearances).  Of course, we can add a metal eyelet to the section where these laces, that is, the ropes, pass.
  6. We have come to one of the most important aspects for Hoodie. You should now know that sewing workmanship will be of poor quality in a cheap hoodie sportswear. Because, the most important point in the production of cheap products is to produce extremely fast and in large quantities.

After the basic information we have given above, we think you now know what to do. When you contact us, we will provide detailed information about the issues we mentioned.

We produce high quality designs specific to your brand from 500 or 550 Gsm 100% Cotton fabric. Customize as you wish with our free and effective design support.

First of all, thank you for your interest. Conbello Textile is a fully integrated sportswear manufacturing company that has all certificates including ISO 9001, produces in Turkey and can produce solutions in the R&D Department in line with the special technical needs of its customers.

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