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Quality takes precedence. The quality of your fashion clothing brand's varsity jackets will determine its success or failure. Therefore, use only the highest quality products possible. Remember, a cheap product will always cost you much more. In addition to the financial damage to your brand, it can damage your brand image forever.

We carefully guide every step of your brand's creation, from initial design to production. Our highly experienced designers, designers and technicians ensure that your clothing manufacturing process is flawless at every step.

You can customize your Varsity jacket as you wish. You can send your varsity jacket design as a tech pack file. However, if you wish, you can send the product photos or the url link of the college jacket you want us to manufacture. Conbello Textile designers and modelists will prepare a free technical file for manufacturing. We recommend that you take advantage of our technical advice for your high-quality varsity jacket.

Technical issues to be considered in the production of varsity jackets

Besides the basic customizations for the Varsity jacket, there are actually more important but often overlooked tricks. To give a simple example, the fabric to be used should be of high quality and thus not pilling. You can use complete fabric in the Varsity jacket or customize the arms as vegan leather - the body part as fabric. In addition, our high quality vegan leathers pass all tests successfully. Our vegan leathers are high quality and non-toxic chemical-free leather that we manufacture for the American market. You will definitely be pleased with our vegan leathers with almost unlimited color variations for the perfect varsity jacket for your streetwear brand.

We can use only fabric, a combination of fabric and vegan leather or only vegan leather in your varsity jacket design. Of course, after basic customizations, we can also use prints, embroidery, patches or a combination of all these, tailored to your clothing brand.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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