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Private label  High end leggings manufacturer. Luxury Polyester, Polyamide and Cotton Custom Leggings Manufacturing. 

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Yoga, Workout and Fitness style Leggings manufacturer. Leggings for women & men's.

First of all, we would like to present to your attention the vital technical information you need to know if you want to obtain leggings and sports bra products for a high-end fitness wear.

For high-end leggings manufacturing, technical knowledge is everything. You can follow this link to get more detailed information on the subject. )

The main factor that determines the quality of Polyester and Polyamide fabrics and fitness wear products such as Leggings and Sports Bras manufactured using these fabrics is the finishing process applied to that fabric, not the fabric you use. So what does this mean?


The finishing processes applied determine the quality of Polyester and Polyamide (nylon) fabric. In other words, it is not what the fabric is, but how it is produced.


The most common frauds in fitness clothing manufactured with polyester or polyamide fabric can be considered as not applying any finishing treatment to the fabric, keeping the fabric weight low and reducing the elastane in the fabric content. After all, the reason for the cheap prices of products such as leggings and sports bras produced using polyester or nylon fabric is these fabric frauds. The result is a leggings and sports bra that is cheap to manufacture but can be worn a few times and thrown away. Of course, it may also be in a condition that cannot be worn at all. The molds of gym wear products, which are produced with cheap and poor quality workmanship, are processed carelessly. For this reason, leggings or sports bras will give the impression of a general unfit on the wearer.

Leggings should have different mold design features with different fabric properties for different activities such as Yoga and Fitness or running. Procuring leggings with all these vital technical features directly from a manufacturer with deep technical experience is essential for the growth of your brand. 

In leggings, we use the highest quality technical fabrics with color fastness and color fixation finishing processes. We add pockets wherever you want in our yoga or gym leggings production. Moreover, we sew silicone bands inside this pocket to increase the tension in order to fix the phone during running and training.

Wholesale workout leggings manufacturer and supplier.

Private Label Fashion Leggings and Sports Bra

Not only is Conbello Textile one of the best activewear manufacturers, it also undertakes the task of supporting startup clothing brands as a fitness wear and activewear manufacturer. As a manufacturer of high-quality sportswear, we always use the highest quality technical fabrics and printing technologies.


Manufacture of high quality polyester custom leggings with your brand label

How should a perfect leggings be for your sportswear brand ?

We remind you that technical knowledge is of vital importance for your sportswear brand to be truly successful and to maintain this success. For this reason, you can write to us to get information about the tricks to be considered in gym clothes.  What makes gym wear flawless is actually the technical details that are invisible rather than visible. The decision of what type of sewing thread to use for the perfect gym leggings is a very fine line between success and failure. !  For a perfect active wear sports bra, it is necessary to use a special sewing system as well as using special sewing thread.  One of the most important technical details that should be perfect for leggings and sports bras is, of course, the choice of fabric. 

You can consult us on this subject or click the link for more detailed information now.

We can only manufacture Leggings for your fitness wear brand, or we can manufacture a better option, a set of Leggings and Sports bras. You can send us your cup/cupless sports bra designs or we can produce one of our most trendy models for you. Or we can design the perfect Sports bra for you. Please click to get information about our production of sports bras with or without pads.

As Conbello Textile, we state that the most important issue in the manufacture of fitness wear is knowledge. It only takes 18 seconds to read the vital information below about leggings, Sports bras or fitness wear.

You have already come across many user complaints even in fitness clothing products made of polyester or polyamide fabrics such as leggings and sports bras sold by global fitness clothing brands. While I was doing Workout or Yoga, there was pilling in the parts that touched the ground in the leggings I just bought. My new leggings or sports bra, which looks perfect on the mannequin, are making a clicking noise from the seams, I think the threads are breaking. The leggings or sports bra I bought because they look perfect on the mannequin make a snapping sound from the seams, I think the threads are breaking. Equestrian leggings and breeches, such as a break in the seams after wearing them a few times, or the brand logo coming off the fabric. Complaints such as fading of the fabric color after washing (or when exposed to the sun) are frequently seen. Without a doubt, we show our customers the reasons and solutions for all these. In addition to all these, these negative features, which can be seen even in the products of global fitness clothing brands, create a deadly situation for startup sportswear brands and small businesses. Moreover, startup gym wear brands and small fitness wear businesses face much more serious challenges in this regard due to low order quantities.

In order to eliminate these problems we mentioned, Conbello Textile offers unique support for startup fitness and small sportswear brands. Of course, this quota is limited on a monthly basis. However, you can rest assured that we are trying our best. For detailed information about our startup and small business support. 

Manufacture of high quality custom fitness wear

If you have adopted the real goal of starting your sportswear brand flawlessly and expanding your existing brand, we recommend you to take a look at the technical page below. How do we produce high quality leggings and sports bras or any sportswear from polyester and polyamide fabric?

Manufacture of high quality special leggings and sports bras

ULTRAL COMFORT & STRETCHY : CONBELLO TEXTILE leggings for women are made of high quality moisture-wicking fabrics with 4-way stretch technology. Just like the second-layer skin, these workout leggings provide you with maximum comfort, support and coverage. We expect our Yoga Pants to not only be slim fit but also be comfortable to wear all day.

USEFUL  POCKETS : Pocket of these Tummy Control Leggings with an inner pocket designed for your ID and keys. So you can go wallet-free, and focus on your exercise not on your essentials, free yourself in our breathable Womens Leggings!

HIGH WAISTED & TUMMY CONTROL: These High Waisted Womens Tights, which can also perfectly work as shape-wear are designed with high waist for tummy control, perfectly contouring your curves and streamlining your shape. Besides, interlock seams and gusseted crotch of these high waisted leggings for women are designed to reduce irritation and eliminate chafing. You can move easily, squat, stretch or do any pose you want when workout.

The moisture-wicking material made these athletic leggings for Women help to remove moisture from your body, and make you always feel cool when you sweat a lot, offering long-lasting comfortable performance. Stretchable fabrics with shape retention give you an unparalleled supportive sensation without any see-through worries. Highly recommended for gym, street strolling, fitness, running, outdoor workout or any type of workout.


Is there a difference between the sewing work in the manufacture of sportswear such as T-shirts and Hoodies and the sewing work in the manufacture of Leggings? If so, what is it and is it important?

The material that increases the stretching ability of polyester, polyamide or cotton fabrics used in leggings is elastane. As the elastane ratio increases, the stretching and stretching ability of the leggings will increase. Precisely for this purpose, it should be sewn using special sewing threads that have the ability to stretch in accordance with the content of the fabric. Otherwise, the leggings will start to break off at the seams after a while. Sewing leggings with high-quality stretchable sewing thread may seem like a simple precaution, but turns into a very complex practice. The simplest reason for this is that the workmanship experience in the production of t-shirts and hoodies is very different from the experience of sewing leggings produced from fabrics with high stretching ability. The slightest mistake to be made in leggings sewing work will lead to many disproportion and pattern failures.

For more technical information on the success of your fitness apparel brand, please click here.

Are Sports Leggings only suitable for the gym? Of course not! Made by Conbello Textile, Women’s Leggings let you effortlessly go to the gym, the city and outdoor adventures.

Contrary to popular belief, women’s Leggings group sportswear is the standard and most basic product group with almost unlimited options. In this group we have all the equipment and experience you need to get a great product.

You should know the technical issues to be considered in the sewing system in the production of t-shirts from cotton fabric and leggings from polyester fabric.

When sewing T-shirts made of cotton fabric and leggings made of polyester fabric in the production process, there are several factors that need to be considered to ensure a high quality finished product. 

1. Fabric type: Cotton and polyester fabrics have different properties and require different sewing techniques. Cotton is a natural fibre that is breathable, comfortable and easy to sew. Polyester fabric, on the other hand, is a synthetic material that is durable, wrinkle-free and can be more difficult to sew. For this reason, the type of fabric should be considered when choosing thread, needle and sewing techniques. This issue is not taken into account in workshops where the main purpose is mass manufacture. The result is sportswear with a bad overall posture.

2. Sewing techniques: Different stitches are appropriate for different fabrics. For cotton T-shirts, straight, zigzag or stretch stitches are usually recommended, whereas for polyester leggings, overlock and coverstitch are often preferred. The stitching technique used should be appropriate for the stretch, weight and thickness of the fabric. (The thickness of the fabric and the percentage of elastane in it)

3. Needle Type: Choosing the right needle is essential when sewing both cotton and polyester fabrics. A needle that is too large can leave visible holes in the fabric, while a needle that is too small can cause the fabric to wrinkle or pucker. For cotton T-shirts, a size 80/12 or 90/14 universal needle is usually recommended, while a ballpoint or stretch needle may be more appropriate for polyester leggings. Of course, as Conbello Textile, we also use our technical experience in this regard, depending on the complexity of the design.

4. Thread type: The type of thread used should be compatible with the fabric and sewing technique. For cotton T-shirts, a cotton thread or a polyester/cotton blend thread is usually recommended, while for polyester leggings, a polyester thread or a nylon thread may be more appropriate.

5. Seam finish: The type of seam finish used can have an impact on the durability and appearance of the finished product. Cotton T-shirts often use a flat-fell or French seam for a clean, professional finish, while polyester leggings are often overlocked or serged to prevent fraying and provide stretch. A cotton fabric sportswear product and a synthetic (polyester-polyamide fabric) gym wear product are sewn in different sewing departments at Conbello Textile.

In the Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol, the most critical considerations when sewing cotton fabric T-shirts and polyester fabric leggings include fabric type, sewing techniques, needle type, thread type, and seam finish. We don't neglect the appropriate material and consumption for each fabric. This allows us to achieve the needs and results of our customers in a finished product.

Polyester/Spandex blends are often used as fabrics for leggings sportswear. If you wish, thanks to our fabric track with unlimited options, we can use it on Polyester fabric with Polyamide or cotton texture. Of course, it is vital that this fabric is of the highest quality. Because, there are very important points to be considered in order to prevent color fading after washing and to ensure that your brand logo is permanent on the product. You can get cheap clothing. However, it is painful to see that you lose so much more than you paid afterwards.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, the most common mistake is the effort to obtain cheap products. When you want a cheap product, you should not expect quality fabric. There will be rapid deterioration after washing or after the end user wears it for a while. Also, when you want to get cheap leggings, you should know that the seams will not be of good quality. When you are faced with many mistakes such as unraveling and shrinkage at the seams, a disaster scenario has arisen for your brand.


In addition, an important point to be considered is the wrong fabric selection and wrong print selection. For polyester leggings, you cannot use the screen printing system. Or when you want to embroider your brand logo for polyester fabric, a very careful application should be made so that the embroidery sewing threads do not shrink.

For Women’s Leggings, there are many printing systems suitable for your brand. You can contact us to learn about these issues. When you send us your designs, we will technically inform you about the most suitable fabric and printing system.

Which printing system is used for polyester or polyamide fabric leggings.

Printing systems such as Flexo, 3D Flexo, Silicone injection, Transfer (heat sealed) and Rubber are generally used in the fabrics we mentioned. However, regardless of the printing system used, the quality of the printing material and application experience should be at the highest level. If you do not pay attention to these two very important issues in polyester leggings products, the result will be a complete disaster. Loss of money and brand reputation will take serious damage.

For women, we use much more prestigious printing systems in polyester and polyamide Leggings group sportswear and we highly recommend it. You will have unlimited options for your brand logo or slogan such as Premium Transfer Printing, Full Organic Silicone Injection Printing, Nano Technological Printing, Embossed Printing, Standard or 3D Flexo (Heat Insulated Printing) Printing.

Women's yoga and gym leggings manufacturer. Custom made Polyester and Polyamide Fabric Leggings. Fitness clothing manufacturer for your own brand. Gym clothes manufacturer.

We would like to remind you that we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Below you can find some pages about clothing manufacturing that we think will be extremely useful.

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We know very well the problems faced by startups and small businesses.

We provide unmatched support for start-up brands and small businesses in the fashion industry.

About manufacturing top quality t-shirts, please click.

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We've thought of all the details to help you launch or grow your apparel brand. We offer a fully integrated, end-to-end service that includes free Tech pack and technical advice, top quality original fabrics, high-end printing systems and meticulous craftsmanship.

Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations. Your products are delivered to your door. In addition, thanks to the document we will issue specifically for you, you will not pay customs tax in your country.. All you have to do is plan your sales while you wait for your products.


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