How to make your sportswear brand successful

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How to make your sportswear brand successful. What are the common misconceptions to start a successful sportswear brand and how to fix them?  


Conbello Textile's technical blog is very different from other sportswear brand creation blogs. Because we do not include cool phrases here. In fact, we are talking about the bitter truth. Of course, after all these negativities, we will show you the right and effective solution that you need to be really successful in your sportswear brand. Of course, you already know all this very well, or you think so. Ultimately, your decisions will be yours.  


You may not have experience in creating a sportswear brand and making money. If you think you have experience, you don't need to continue reading. Because many people think they know everything. But the facts are very different from what you know. We have been manufacturing sportswear for more than 40 years. In just one month, 20-25 people or brands who tell us that they want to start making money by creating their own sportswear brand and asking for help apply. Of course we try to help them. However, we turn down many applications. So why ? Because it's nice that they want to create their own sportswear brand, but their methods are completely wrong. We specifically say that it is impossible for them to succeed if they ignore our warnings. If they accept, we continue, if they don't, we send them on their way. Because as Conbello Textile, our aim is not just to make money. We already make money from big sportswear brands. Our aim is to help start-up sportswear brands



Most people who want to make money by creating a new sportswear brand fail.


Many global website builders encourage you to do this. He says it's easy to make money from your sportswear brand by opening a website right away. This is a huge lie.


First of all, it is necessary to start with two vital issues that will guarantee your failure while creating a sportswear brand. If you ignore these two issues, you can be sure that you will fail.



What is Private Label Sportswear Manufacturing and what is it not ?


1 ) Manufacturers of sportswear such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Leggings, Sports Bras for your brand do not actually manufacture special products. They already only print your brand's logo on the sportswear products they produce with standard design (mould) and standard fabrics. In fact, this manufacturing system for sportswear is not a bad system. If you have plenty of money to test your sportswear sales business that you decided to start and entered with great hope, why not ?.  You will have a very important expense that you should not miss for this manufacturing system, which is defined as Copy-Paste. You have to take into account that you will have very serious advertising expenses to be able to promote an ordinary activewear product and why people should buy from you and not from others.  Because you will have a sportswear brand with the same standard quality fabric as everyone else. If you do not have deep knowledge about the importance of fabric or if you do not care about fabric in sportswear, then there is no problem. 


To give a very simple example of this, take a look at the Leggings products on the brands' websites. In almost all of them, the information about the fabric is extremely simple. It will be written as flexible and high quality fabric. If they want to write a little more detailed, you will read 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane. This information is ordinary information provided by the supplier. The most important issue in this system is to use the cheapest of all material components in order to be cheap. ! 


Of course, a polyester and spandex blend fabric is a good choice for a Legging or Sports Bra. It is even better if the weight of the fabric is a correct and well calculated blend. Of course, in this standard manufacturing system, you cannot expect the quality of the SPANDEX material, which allows the fabric to stretch. It is inevitable to have a sportswear product whose design deteriorates after only a few washes, becomes looser or vice versa.  


By the way, it is impossible to expect the quality of the fabric to be high. Because, in this type of manufacturing system, the manufacturer has to produce very quickly. And no doubt you already know that you can't expect a quality stitch! So, is there a way to eliminate all problems, or if so, what is it? 


The components of creating a successful sportswear brand are technical knowledge, experience and a truly special manufacturing system.


Many people or brands that want to create a sportswear brand may want exactly the same fabric used by giant global brands such as Adidas, Puma or Nike. So is this a reasonable request? If you are working with Conbello Textile, of course, it is a perfectly reasonable request. We can manufacture a perfect sportswear product for your brand by using the exact same fabric (not similar or equivalent) used by these brands.  For the T-shirt, which is produced with a perfect fabric called Dri-Fit or Dry-Touch, why not use the fabric used by the world's giants.  Your brand will of course stand out from all other brands with the T-shirt we produce with a fabric made of plastic pet bottles to emphasize the importance your brand attaches to nature.  


Without further ado, let's give another simple example. Do you know that not every polyester fabric is of the same quality?. What do you think about the fact that two T-shirts produced with 100% cotton fabric may not be of the same quality ?.   Actually, both T-shirts are made with 100% cotton fabric. At this point, a very critical trick comes to the fore. What is this ?  


Here is the first trick for cheap fabric:


While the patterns of the products are cut, the pieces of fabric we call waste increase. These are actually materials that will go to waste. In addition, these pieces of fire fabric, which we also talk about from different blended fabrics, such as polyester, are mixed with other cotton fabrics. Then, all the fabric pieces are combined in a cauldron with different chemicals, resulting in an extremely cheap but of course poor quality fabric. 



And another trick for cheap but poor quality fabric:


An extremely high quality fabric is obtained from high quality and long cotton fibers.Extremely high cotton fibers are preferred for such a quality fabric. There is no problem here. Do you think that poor quality cotton fibers are thrown away? Of course they won't be thrown away. These fibers are used for a poor quality and cheap cotton fabric. In other words, Poromosyon T-shirts are produced from such cheap and poor quality fabrics. In other words, the products we call disposable are produced with these fabrics.


You can see how great it can be to start a successful sportswear brand by contacting Conbello Textile. Or, if you already have a brand, you can actually learn how to grow it.




2 ) Most of the companies you apply to start your sportswear brand are not real manufacturers, they are office companies that only know different manufacturers. In fact, it's not a bad idea to seek help from a branding office that you can truly trust. Because creating your dream sportswear products will not be as easy as you think. It's an idea that sounds good when we think that they can prepare tech packages or give technical advice on fabric selection or your designs.  However, there are two serious and real dangers in seeking support from a branding office. First, do they really have deep experience? If so, it means that they will charge you a significant amount of money for their services. If they do not have deep experience, your money will go for these services and your dream brand will fail.  Because there will always be an intermediary person or office between you and the real manufacturer. Therefore, you will have to tell your wishes to the intermediary office, not directly to the sportswear manufacturer. No matter what you say in theory, you will see that it is not so in practice. This is quite a long topic..! 



Is there another way?  


Even if you don't have a design of your own, Conbello Textile can manufacture designs that will do wonders for you from scratch with its highly experienced stylists.  If you have a Tech pack information file for your active wear (all clothing products such as sportswear or street fashion) brand, when you send it to us, it will be examined in detail by our design team. We will then provide you with technical information and, if necessary, technical advice. We fix sizing errors in your tech pack file. Many designs have inconsistencies in their technical drawings. Because technical drawings or sketches of someone who has no manufacturing experience may contain many measurement errors. This is a very natural thing. Here Conbello Textile stylists correct all these mistakes.

 It doesn't matter if you have a Technology Package or not. Everything does not end with the Tech Pack file anyway ?


Technical knowledge means everything. We will use our deep experience directly for you. You will not need any intermediary office or person. When creating your sportswear brand, you will work directly with a fully integrated manufacturer, Conbello Textile. The importance of this, you can be sure, is priceless. !


 If we briefly summarize what we will do for your sportswear brand:




- Technical advice and necessary corrections after checking your design.

- The most trendy sewing systems recommendations for your sportswear product to be perfect. Technical advice on sewing systems such as Straight stitch or Twin needle stitching or Flat-Lock  


- Whether it's a single T-shirt or a collection of 20 different items. Technical advice on the most ideal and trending fabric selection and weight for each product.  Also advice and information on critical issues such as color fastness and color fixation of fabrics.  


- We have the opportunity to apply the same brand logo for all your sportswear products, no problem. However, sometimes if the brand logo printing is not suitable for a different type of fabric, printing or embroidery system you want, a different technical advice and application is required.  You can be sure that we will quickly overcome such a technical problem. We may have a different type of printing system or technical advice such as embroidery. 


- Of course, there are things that seem like details but are important. For example, you can request custom printed packaging for your sportswear brand. No problem. Sometimes we want to touch on another subject because it is asked of us. All of our products are packed in their own special transparent and reusable adhesive packaging. Of course, it is finally delivered to your address after being secured in a special export parcel. 



 Conbello Textile is a fully integrated sportswear manufacturing company that has all the certificates including ISO 9001, manufactures in Turkey and can produce solutions in the R&D Department in line with the special technical needs of its customers. You can be sure that we will not only manufacture fully integrated, but also use our deep technical experience for you. We are honored to see you among our wide customer network from start-up companies to global brands.



Yes, now is the time to take the first step to start working together and ensure that your clothing products are of the highest quality.

First of all, we would like to point out. When we start working together, we will hold Zoom meetings to share your thoughts and talk about your products and plans.

You can send us your designs, which are the most important starting point of your sportswear products, by e-mail. Please contact us as soon as you need any idea about the design files you want to send. You can send your designs as a professionally prepared Tech pack file or as product photos if you wish.  We would like to give you some information about sportswear Tech pack files that will give you peace of mind. You may not be sure that the sportswear tech pack file you sent is complete and error-free.  Please don’t worry about it.  Because the file you send will be examined by our highly experienced modelers. If there is any dimensional error or disproportionation error in the technical drawing, we will inform you and make the necessary correction.

When your files reach us, we first prepare a file for you. All information and progress from the beginning is recorded in this file.  This is a very important issue. Thus, in the future, we share our archive information about previous designs, information, prints and all issues so that we can help you if you forget or fall into any conflict.

Of course, these are just the beginning. To continue, please click the link or continue from the main page or read the subsections from the How we work tab.