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High quality Equestrian leggings, Breeches, Jackets, Coats, Show jackets, Show T-shirts for Women, Men and Kids custom design manufacturer 

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The manufacture of special designs for equestrian clothing requires high experience. To give an important example in this regard, the special silicone material developed and produced by itself in the Conbello Textile R&D Laboratory is unrivaled in the world. Silicone printing problems seen in Equestrian leggings and breeches products have been completely eliminated.

We use unrivaled silicone material printing developed and produced by Conbello Textile in your equestrian clothing, leggings and breeches designs. In the example of equestrian breeches below, you see a circular shaped silicone material print. In accordance with the special confidentiality agreement we signed with clothing brands, we do not include the brand logo printed silicone print raw photo here as the general images section. However, when you send us your equestrian clothing brand logo, our technical design team will check if it is suitable for silicone printing. If we find it not suitable, we revise it free of charge and make it suitable for silicone printing. Or, if you wish, you can do this revision process yourself. The silicone material we use and apply in Equestrian clothing products (coats, jackets, shirts, etc.) or breeches-leggings products is unrivaled. Common problems have been completely eliminated. 

The manufacturing protocol we apply as Conbello Textile is unrivaled. If you wish, we can apply all special finishing processes to our high quality fabrics. UV protection finishing etc.

How we ensure the perfect process in Equestrian apparel manufacturing, from design to delivery to your door. ?

As Conbello Textile, we assign a special senior technical assistant for every 4 or 5 companies that are our customers. First of all, a special production file is created for you. In this file, all the information you can think of, such as all design drawings, (tech pack), all communication notes, all the information you have forwarded to us about your designs, your printing patterns are stored in this production file. Thus, any possible error is prevented from design to prototype manufacturing, final wholesale manufacturing and delivery to your door. (We will send you detailed information about the whole process when you contact Conbello Textile.)

By applying any brand logo to equstrian clothing, which is already mass-produced, we do not produce ordinary production, but produce completely special designs for your brand from start to finish. The type of fabric used in your design, fabric color, fabric weight, elastane content in the fabric, the flexibility of the fabric in 2 or 4 directions, the application of brand logo silicone printing, pockets, decorations, embroidery, zippers, colored stripes. We produce and apply all these customizations depending on your preference.

We would like to remind you that you can make all the customizations you dream of in your Equestrian leggings, Breeches, T-shirts, Show Jackets and T-shirts. To give an example of these customizations, we can produce a super elastic band with your brand logo printed on the inside (or outside) of the waistband of equestrian breeches. When you contact Conbello Textile, satisfactory video and raw photo will be sent to you about these customizations. In addition to all these, it is sufficient to convey the issues you want technical advice to our senior manufacturing staff specially assigned to you. In addition, although there is no notification from you to provide technical advice, we always provide technical advice at the points we deem necessary. For example, we may suggest a higher quality and functional fabric than your preferred fabric for your equestrian t-shirt, or we may indicate that some adjustments need to be made in the general lines of your design. Or, we can state as technical advice that the weight of the fabric you prefer for equestrian leggings or breeches and the elastane ratio should be slightly changed. Another example is, for equestrian clothing, we can give technical advice when we determine that your brand logo, which you have sent us, is perfect for embroidery but not suitable for silicone printing. For example, we can redraw your brand logo with minor modifications free of charge to make it suitable for silicone printing.

All finishing processes such as color fastness and finishing of the high quality fabrics we use in our production have been completed (color fixing, anti-caking, anti-pilling, etc.). There is no limitation as to the type of fabric, you can choose the fabric weight required by the design as you wish. As our general manufacturing protocol, simply send the fabric color as a pantone code. For low order quantities, we first check if we have the exact fabric color you prefer in stock. In case there is no one-to-one fabric color, we use the fabric closest to the fabric color you prefer. For example, if your preferred color is navy blue, we will recommend a ton of light or dark fabric. In addition, we send high quality different fabric samples that can be used in the relevant product together with the prototype sample leggings, breeches or t-shirts that we will produce before wholesale manufacturing.

We manufacture Equestrian Leggings and Riding breeches completely according to your brand's special designs. In the production of Equestrian Leggings and Trousers, if you wish, we integrate your brand logo into the full or half-fit system and apply it as a silicone material printing.  We use very high quality fabrics with varying rates of elasticity for a perfect and unique equestrian Leggings or Breeches.  While very high elastane ratio varying between 15% and 40% is preferred for Leggings, less elastic ratio is used for Breeches. 

Horse riding outfit female manufacturer . Equestrian Leggings: Temperature regulation technology and phone pockets are already standard features in the fabrics we use in modern riding leggings.

In our Equestrian clothing manufacturing, we apply all trend accessories and decorations that reflect your brand's identity. We laser engrave your brand logo on stainless metal buttons. Or we can use glitter ribbon embellishments in all colors in your equestrian apparel designs.

Of course, we use side pockets, fake or real pockets on the back for the equestrian leggings and trousers that we produce for your brand.

 You have complete freedom in your Equestrian leggings designs. Of course, we will provide technical advice so that the result is of the highest quality. After all, your success will be our success. 

We can use high-waisted leggings, equestrian leggings made of special reinforced fabric for winter, or high-quality suede fabric in some parts of the leggings. 

If you wish, we apply your brand's logo on the side and back pockets of Equestrian Legggings products with silicone material printing or different printing systems. To give an example of these trend printing systems, we can recommend Transfer printing, 3D Flexo printing or Embroidery.

We use High Quality Stitching For Riding Breeches.

If you wish, we can use two different high-quality sewing systems in Riding breeches products. Contact us for more detailed information about sewing systems. 

How should Equestrian Leggings and silicone print quality be?

A common problem with Equestrian Leggings and trousers is the separation of the silicone material from the fabric. As a result, the leggings' ability to stick to the saddle and make the user comfortable disappears.  The silicone material printing that we will use in the Leggings product will never be removed from the fabric and will never wear out.

Conbello Textile, Custom Equestrian Clothing Manufacturing is unrivaled.

Conbello Textile manufactures not only leggings and trousers but also coats and jackets in equestrian products. However, in this article we will only talk about Leggings products.

First of all, your logo must be suitable for silicone printing, so that there is no problem in applying your brand logo for riding leggings. So, what should be done if this problem we mentioned occurs when we want to apply your brand logo with silicone material printing for equestrian leggings. ? In order for us to reach a clear decision on this matter, we will first ask you to send us your brand logo. Your brand logo will be reviewed by our technical design team and you will be notified of the result as soon as possible. If your brand logo is not suitable for silicone printing, we may offer different solutions. Maybe just changing the technical dimensions of your brand logo might be enough. Or it may be necessary to thicken the lines in your brand logo, which are too thin for silicone printing.  If all these solutions we mentioned are not enough, it may be to slightly change your brand logo and make it suitable for silicone printing or to apply some letters of a slogan you use in your brand.

 In equestrian sports, it is very important that you wear special leggings that will easily fix you on the saddle.  You can achieve this with the silicone material to be used in the Leggings fabric you will wear. This is where the problem arises. When the leggings fabric and the silicone print material do not match exactly, the silicone material will soon break and separate from the leggings. We can say that the use of cheap and wrong Fabric/Silicone material is among the reasons for the separation of the silicone material, which will allow you to hold on to the saddle, from the leggings fabric.  Conbello Textile has completely eliminated this problem in its equestrian leggings products. We use very high quality polyester or polyamide fabric, which is in full harmony with the silicone material. You cannot remove the silicone material on the leggings even using pliers.  In equestrian leggings, we can apply your brand logo or any shape with silicone material if you wish.   

You can easily and effortlessly make a perfect start for the manufacture of equestrian leggings tailored to your brand. You just need to contact us and send your brand logo first. Later, we will keep you informed of other technical details. We are honored to manufacture your very own riding leggings or one of the trendiest designs for your brand. 

We do not use standard polyester or polyamide fabrics in the manufacture of leggings for equestrian sports.

For Equestrian Leggings, we use CONZEQ FABRIC specially developed and produced by Conbello Textile, or very high quality 4-way stretchable polyester or polyamide fabrics.  For riding leggings, we recommend our special polyester fabrics weighing 220 gsm and 350 gsm.

Fabric selection for Equestrian Leggings

Polyester fabrics have very important positive aspects compared to polyamide fabrics.  Two of these positive features, which are vital, are that polyester fabrics do not fade after use in the sun. In addition, since the polyester fabric has breathability properties, it quickly evaporates the sweat on the skin. Polyamide fabric, on the other hand, quickly absorbs the sweat on the skin when there is intense sweating, but unfortunately, this sweat accumulated in the fabric cannot evaporate quickly. And after a while the wearer will have to wear a wet riding leggings.

Conbello Textile is a manufacturer company that manufactures in Turkey, holding all certificates including ISO 9001. When you work with Conbello Textile in the fashion sector, our job is not only to manufacture clothing products from A to Z in a fully integrated manner, but also to build on our deep technical experience. You can be sure that we will use it for you. We find solutions to our customers' special requests in our R&D Department.

We would like to express in advance that we will be pleased to share our important recommendations when necessary.

High quality polyester/Spandex or Polyamide/Spandex Blend Fabrics. Optimal Fabric Options in Different Weights for Rider Leggings. In addition to silicone printing, we apply different technical printing systems for your brand.

Ultra High Quality 4-way stretch fabric (Breathable and fast drying, non-clumping, non-fading after washing and color-fixing finishing, ultra quality) Polyester / Fabric weight 230 Gr / Pockets on both legs / Leggings hidden pocket in the waist ( In order to be able to put a card or key ) / Your brand logo printing / including transfer printing of information such as brand logo and washing instructions inside the leggings waist. For rider leggings, we can apply your brand's logo as a silicone print.  For this, first of all, we will ask you to send us your brand logo so that we can technically check its suitability for silicone printing. 

Which Fabric Should You Use for Leggings? Basic information about Polyester or Polyamide fabric: 

First of all, it is necessary to clarify a vital issue. When you want to use polyester fabric for leggings, we would like to remind you that not all polyester fabrics are of the same quality.  

You can send your Equestrian leggings design as a tech pack file. If you do not have a technical file, Conbello Textile designers will prepare a free tech pack file for you, thanks to our special support for startup brands. For this, you can do it by sending us your desired equestrian leggings designs, product photos or the link of the products.

Whether you use Polyester fabric or Polyamide fabric for leggings, if your elastane (Spandex) quality and ratio in the fabric is not suitable, it is not possible to obtain a quality Leggings.

For more detailed information about Polyester and Polyamide Leggings fabrics, please click the link.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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