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Turkey sports bra manufacturer.Custom Manufacturing Sports Bra. Manufacture of polyester and polyamide fabric Sports Bras for your fitness wear brand.

What is a Sports Bra? What are its features?

Conbello Textile is always at your side with free technical support in the wholesale manufacture of Sports Bras with special designs for your clothing brand.  

We use fully customizable trend and high quality fabrics and printing systems for your activewear brand. In the manufacture of leggings or Sports Bras for women, we use high quality technical fabric according to the place of use. With our high quality fabrics that we have developed specially for yoga or running or high-tempo exercises, your fitness wear brand will provide a very different superiority. Generally, although standard fabrics are used in the manufacture of sports bras or leggings, Conbello Textile, we use technical polyester or polyamide fabrics with different properties. To give an example, when performing an activity that requires extremely high flexibility (such as yoga), we recommend a minimum of 17-20% elastane in the fabric. In addition, we use quality fabrics that can stretch in 4 directions and do not fade after washing.

As everyone knows, we can call it a special bra with technical features, worn during active sports. But we think that the features that not everyone knows are much more important. Especially if you want to present your own sports bra design for your fitness clothing brand to your customers. We will explain the issues that we pay attention to in the manufacture of a perfect sports bra for your fitness wear brand.  

First of all, we would like to give a short answer to the question of whether daily normal bras can be worn during active sports.

A sports bra is designed differently from your ordinary everyday bra. It is manufactured using special tapes and straps that are extremely durable and flexible. It contains technical, moisture-wicking materials that better equip you during active sports. Fuller cup coverage and unique technical designs prevent bouncing and keep you comfortable during exercise. Working in a daily bra can cause chafing, discomfort, bouncing of the breasts and prolonged postural back and shoulder pain. Of course, there are technical issues that need to be considered for a high-quality sports bra with these features.  

We provide high quality and free full support in the manufacture of sports bras for your fitness wear brand.   

A Sports Bra is indispensable for any physically active woman. It acts as a great support to breasts, preventing them from sagging and injury during vigorous physical activities.

Different Sports bras styles are ideal for all kinds of sports ranging from low impact yoga to high impact running.

Even if you’re not into active sports you can still avail different styles of Sports bras for any occasional participation into playful sports activities. It’s better to be well equipped for such occasions. 

Perfect sports bra manufacturing for your fitness wear brand  

If you want to get a perfect sports bra for your sportswear brand, you will have two basic options.

1) If you want, we can manufacture a sports bra of your own design. No matter how complex your design is. If you want us to manufacture a sports bra of your own design, we will first ask you to provide information about your design. You can send this information as a Tech pack file or you can send the link of the sports bra you want us to manufacture, or you can send detailed product photos. You don't have to worry when you choose this method for sports bra manufacturing. Highly experienced Conbello Textile modelists and engineers will complete the rest.  For example, we will provide you with our technical advice on errors, disproportions, fabric selection errors and brand logo in the sports bra tech pack file you will send, and of course we will do all the corrections for you free of charge.

2) Our other sports bra manufacturing method for your fitness clothing brand is the perfect and trendiest designs we will offer you. We can apply your sportswear brand logo to the ones you choose from these designs with one of the most trendy printing systems. If you wish, we can help you choose sports bra fabric and strap systems. If you wish, you can make revisions in your ready-made sports bra design. Thus, a special sports bra design will emerge for you.   

Whichever method you choose in the manufacture of sports bras, as Conbello Textile, we will always be at your side with our technical advice.    

We will recommend you our most trendy and high quality fabric types and different weights so that you can get the perfect sports bra for your fitness wear brand. For example, we can recommend our polyester or polyamide fabrics with a weight of 220-240 Gsm, although it varies according to the place of use. All our fabrics are manufactured to the highest quality with color fastness. In addition, we can use it on technical fabrics that can stretch in 4 directions and contain maximum elastane in your sports bra design.

A completely special design for you in the manufacture of sports bras. If you wish, we manufacture padded sports bras with or without cups.

In addition, you can choose your sports bras, which we will manufacture specifically for your fitness wear brand, with or without cups.

We would like to give general technical information about the following types of sports bras.


A good sports bra guarantees great support and protection.  CONBELLO TEXTILE Sports bras are performance oriented and specifically designed for three levels of support based on intensity of the work-out.

HIGH IMPACT:These aim at higher levels of physical activity such as running, racquet sports, aerobics and dancing.

MEDIUM IMPACT:This category supports moderate degrees of physical activity like hiking, brisk walking, road cycling etc.

LOW IMPACT:Such sports bras are meant for less vigorous physical activities involving slow movements like yoga, pilates and stretching.


These bras come typically in pull-over styles without any inbuilt cups. Compression sports bras are custom made & best suited for low to medium impact activities.


These are high intensity workout bras equipped with specially designed inbuilt cups. The cups are generally lightly or heavily padded. They might have underwires as well. A variety of fabrics go into manufacturing of sports bras. Bras made of synthetic material tend to be more performance oriented. Cotton-spandex fabric allows for breathability but are low on moisture wicking Choose your category of sports bra according to sports bra importance that is your comfort and the level of physical activity you intend to involve in. 

The straps come in criss-cross style at the back. They provide a firmer support. These look great when worn with deep back neck tanks. They look smart & make a great fashion statement.


This is the most popular style in sports bras. The shoulder straps join together between shoulder blades to create a Y-shape. Racerback bras provide good support for high intensity work outs.

What else is this sports bra good for? 

Many women found it comfortable enough to wear all day. Nurses are wearing it under their scrubs. Take out the removable pads and wear it as a bralette under a tank top. It is easy to put on and take off and best of all, you'll hardly know you're wearing it! 

What else is this sports bra good for? 

Many women found it comfortable enough to wear all day. Nurses are wearing it under their scrubs. Take out the removable pads and wear it as a bralette under a tank top. It is easy to put on and take off and best of all, you'll hardly know you're wearing it! 

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