How do you create a sportswear brand?

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How to create a successful sportswear brand easily and simply?



How do you create a sports brand ?

Conbello Textile's blog posts about creating a sportswear or activewear brand are very different from what you know. In fact, you may not have any experience to create a sportswear brand and earn money. Or you may think you actually have experience. But the facts are very different from what you know. Many of those who want to make money by creating a new activewear brand fail. Many global website builders encourage you to do so. He says it's easy to make money from your sportswear brand by opening a website right away. This is a huge lie. In fact, there is a very critical issue at this point. To be successful you need to be able to find a true fully integrated sportswear manufacturer with deep experience and able to put themselves in your shoes. Almost all of the manufacturers such as Private Label Sportswear produce their own standard sportswear products by simply printing your brand logo. This system is your guarantee of failure. So why ?. Because it's the same Leggings, Sports Bra or T-Shirt, but the only difference is your brand logo. So is that the only problem? Of course not. Best of all, contact Conbello Textile, who will apply custom design, fabric and brand logo printing systems for you. We will provide you with the details as technical information.   If you don't have a detailed Tech Pack file to start your sportswear brand, don't worry. Thanks to our 42 years of deep experience, we can prepare it for you. Moreover, this service is now completely free. It is sufficient to send images of the products you want us to manufacture or a link where we can get information to Conbello Textile. We will then provide you with a detailed report after a detailed technical review. 


In fact, as you know, a long time ago, sportswear was seen as something that could only be worn while exercising. Today, of course, this view has given way to a completely different perspective. Now a T-shirt or Leggings that you can wear while playing sports for a tough workout can be worn on the street or even to work.
When you're in the gym, you're there for the performance, not to impress anyone. Stains, holes or even a shabby T-shirt or Leggings? Actually, that is not the case today. What you wear at the gym matters for both a technical and a personal reason. While exercising, you need to wear clothes that can handle both your body movement and the sweat that flows from you.
When you sweat during sports, we strongly recommend you to wear T-shirts and Leggings made with some synthetic (High-Tech Technical Fabrics) blended fabric designed for exercise. These types of technical fabrics absorb moisture from your skin and cool you down faster than a regular cotton T-shirt.


A stylish outfit can even motivate you to go to the gym more often. Moreover, you will see your performance increase. After all, we already know that dressing for work can make you more successful. It would be a great idea to apply the same logic to the gym. Of course, all this is a psychologically deep issue. But here we would like to talk about the benefits of sportswear manufactured with high-tech fabrics.


Your everyday wear such as cotton t-shirts, trendy sweatpants and hoodies are all meant to look good and keep you comfortable. High-intensity activities such as cycling, running, or intense gym workouts (such as aerobics, strength training, bodybuilding) will not provide the benefits you hope for.

Many people think that a daily t-shirt will suffice for exercise. However, this cotton clothing will get wet very quickly and will make you heavy and you will start to feel your performance has dropped.






This is one of the many reasons professional athletes wear highly technical, functional sportswear. The comfortable feel and fit add a truly extraordinary touch to your workout. Many athletes and ordinary people are clearly aware that they cannot perform at the same level without sportswear made of technical fabric.


Top quality sportswear has been carefully crafted to provide the best support for your muscles, helping you train harder, longer and recover faster. Sportswear made of specially designed technical fabric will support the right muscle groups during training and will contribute more to your overall performance by providing support in the areas needed. As a result, it helps you perform more effectively with less chance of injury.

As a result, performance-enhancing sportswear can be considered relatively new to sports. Conbello Textile follows and implements technical developments from the very beginning and makes them available to everyone.