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Custom Equestrian T-Shirts, Jackets, Leggings, Breeches and Coats manufacturer

Private Label Premium Equestrian Clothing Manufacturer. Riding clothes with high quality fabric and top craftsmanship

Please follow this link to manufacture your High-end Equestrian Leggings and Breeches designs.

What are the Equestrian clothing features? and How to start an Equestrian clothing line are questions that need to be answered at the same time. Or you may already have a riding wear brand. Unfortunately, there is no other way to be successful than by manufacturing unique products of high quality. So, there is no shortcut. You should know that if you choose cheap but poor quality equestrian clothing products, it will actually cost much more than you spend. Conbello Textile is an unrivaled full-manufacturer company with deep technical experience in the field of riding clothing (leggings, breeches, t-shirts, coats, jackets, etc.). It manufactures clothing designs from end to end in its own body, so vital issues such as brand and design confidentiality, which is another important issue, are no longer a problem. 

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For the success of your equestrian clothing brand, it is in your own interest to carefully read the technical information in this gold-worthy link that you will not find anywhere else. We strongly recommend.

Whatever your Equestrian clothing design is, it will be unique to your brand. You can make all the customizations you want and we will inform you about the highest quality and trendiest applications during the prototype sample manufacturing process. As a fabric, we can use a high-end fabric such as softshell or a waterproof but breathable technical fabric. If you wish, we can integrate special ventilation nets in your Equestrian clothing design. Or any customization for your brand logo, such as hologram printing, silicone printing, herat transfer printing, screen printing. Of course, you may want to add ribbons in the colors you want.

Below is the raw photograph of one of the women's equestrian shirts that we have produced perfectly from design to wholesale. Our high-end technical fabric is used in this equestrian shirt.

We are making high-level fully integrated production in the production of Women, Men, Kids equestrian clothing. First of all, we go through a general control of your special designs. Under the control of our technical design team, important technical issues such as the type and weight of fabric you prefer in your equestrian clothing designs, which printing techniques your brand logo is suitable for, and the brand logo printing system are analyzed. We complete the checks for all brand logo applications such as screen printing, heat transfer printing, silicon printing, high printing molding and embroidery. Because sometimes, although the brand logo you designed for riding wear may seem perfect for you, it may not be possible to use it in printing applications. For example, a very small detail in your equestrian brand logo (for example, a circle with a diameter of 2 mm) may not produce appropriate results when printing. It may break from the fabric during the first wash in the washing machine or during use. With our deep experience in this and all other technical issues, we make the necessary corrections to achieve the highest quality. 

We manufacture your Equestrian clothing brand's T-Shirts, Show T-Shirts, Jackets, Coats, Coats, Leggings, Breeches, completely tailored to your brand from end to end. Conbello Textile does not manufacture copy paste type. In the copy-paste type of rapid production type, only the logo of any brand is applied to the equestrian products that are already continuously produced. Unfortunately, this type of manufacture is simply a wholesale of any product, not a private label high-end manufacture. Vital elements such as high-quality fabric and craftsmanship are out of the question and are not taken into account. You should already anticipate that you will not be able to make the customizations you wish, and that the riding wear products you will end up with will be of poor quality and unsellable. 

We use premium high quality technical fabrics for your Equestrian Clothing brand.

Polyester Hoodies and Jackets with different features for your Activewear brand  

We manufacture active outdoor wear polyester hoodies from fabrics and layers that differ according to their use. We use the waterproof top layer high quality polyester fabric, specially thick and heavy type. We add 8-10% elastane content so that the thickness of the fabric does not interfere with the nape. Thus, we achieve extreme flexibility and durability in all types of use. It is sufficient for a standard outdoor use. However, in addition to our standard polyester Hoodie production, we add different layers in our technical products for special use purposes. 

In the manufacture of custom-made polyester outdoor jackets and Hoodies, we apply your brand logo or any pattern you want using the most trendy printing systems.    

The product you see in the Conbello Textile product photo is an example produced for an equestrian brand. We apply your brand logo and other pattern designs with the most trendy printing systems such as transfer printing, embossed printing, flexo printing, silicon printing, high mold printing, screen printing. Please note that we will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have. 

Our high-end equestrian clothing products can also be used easily in city life. We modify our outdoor clothing products for hard sports like mountaineering. You can ask all your questions by e-mail to our senior manufacturing technicians, each of whom has at least 10 years of experience.

Special technical fabrication for outdoor and Equestrian sports use

 In order to provide extra protection against the cold, we use a high quality filling fiber layer and a special waterproof but breathable lining fabric underneath. You can review the picture below about the outdoor jacket Hoodie design, which consists of different protective layers. As well as being suitable for outdoor or equestrian sports, we apply all modifications to the accessories as you wish.  To give a few examples of accessories that we can change in the manufacture of Outdoor clothing or Polyester Hoodie, we can talk about zipper types.  We can use steel or plastic zippers that can be opened from the top and bottom. Also, we can apply your zipper color in any color you wish.  Since Conbello Textile manufactures polyester outdoor jackets entirely in-house, we can easily implement any design change you wish.  You can consider different pocket designs as one of the changes that we can apply.  

Below you can find some pages about clothing manufacturing that we think will be extremely useful.

Our technical leggings that you can wear both in your daily work and in the gym. Athleisure Leggings.

We know very well the problems faced by startups and small businesses.

We provide unmatched support for start-up brands and small businesses in the fashion industry.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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