High quality t-shirt manufacturer Europe [ High end ]

New High quality t-shirt manufacturer Europe [ High end ]

High quality T-shirt manufacturer Europe [ Türkiye - Istanbul ]

We manufacture fully integrated with high quality fabric and workmanship specific to your sportswear brand. Basic technical information about our t-shirt manufacturing.

Some of the basic fabrics we use in manufacturing high-end T-shirts are as follows. High quality fabrics such as Cotton (Top segment compact type), Ultra Soft Modal, Bamboo (Real pure Bamboo), Technical Polyester and Polyamide (Nylon), Micro Soft Polyester, Tencel (Lyocell), Dry Touch (Dri Fit), Ultra Polyester, Viscose. These fabrics, which we use in our t-shirt manufacturing, have different weights and different elastane ratios depending on the purpose of use.

We offer a full range of support and fabrication services, from free design and creation of your tech pack file to prototype fabrication and final wholesale fabrication. All paperwork, including shipping, is prepared by Conbello Textile and your products are delivered to your doorstep in all countries of the world.

Why Investing in High-Quality T-Shirts is Important for Your Sportswear Brand? And interestingly, the difference is too small to be indispensable for just a handful of dollars.

The importance of the t-shirt when it comes to sportswear brands is more than just a basic outfit. The manufacturing process, using technical fabrics or high-quality materials, requires careful consideration and attention to detail. To effectively represent your brand, it is essential to ensure that the t-shirt meets the highest standards. However, it's worth noting that the same high standards may not apply if you're looking for a promotional or disposable quality t-shirt.

We'll cover common issues with low-quality t-shirts and how they can negatively impact your brand image. So let's try to explain why choosing the right t-shirt is important.

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T-shirt manufacturer Europe

You can find more detailed information on our other pages and in our technical data sheet. For detailed information, you can contact Conbello Textile production department directly.

You already hear phrases such as quality sportswear, high-quality T-shirts quite often. So what is really high quality?. What exactly are we to understand by what we call high-quality t-shirt manufacturing?

Quality is the cornerstone of a successful sportswear brand. A quality T-shirt not only increases the performance and comfort of the athletes, but also reflects positively on your brand identity. By investing in premium materials and manufacturing processes, you can ensure your t-shirts stand out in the market and make a lasting impression on your customers.

1) Poor Fabric Quality and Durability.

You should not expect the fabric to be of good quality. Low-end T-shirts are often made from below-average fabrics that lack durability. These fabrics tend to fade and deteriorate after just a few washes, causing the t-shirt to look worn and unattractive. In addition, the overall stance and pattern of the t-shirt may not complement the wearer, resulting in an unfitting and unsightly appearance.

2) Shrinkage Issues.

It will shrink after washing, and if it is Medium, it will undoubtedly be Small. As a result, your sportswear product will not be worn by the user who purchased it. Another problem with low-quality T-shirts is that they tend to shrink after washing. A medium-sized T-shirt can quickly become Small and unwearable to customers purchasing your sportswear product. Such issues can lead to dissatisfaction and customer complaints, damaging your brand's reputation.

3) Fabric Clumping and Distorted Prints

The fabric will begin to pill on first use or after washing in the washing machine. The reason for this is that during the production of the fabric, anti-pilling finishing is not done. Therefore, your brand logo or pattern on the t-shirt (fabric) will look distorted. Low-quality fabrics often come together, causing the fabric to look distorted. This can be especially problematic if your brand logo or pattern is printed on the t-shirt. Uneven texture caused by fabric clumping can make your design look unprofessional and negatively affect your brand's visual identity.

4) Sewing crafting problems

The seams will be uneven and will begin to break during washing. Poor sewing and workmanship can cause noticeable and unsightly uneven seams on the T-shirt. Also, these seams are prone to breaking and unraveling during washing or regular use, further reducing the overall quality and life of the garment. The stance of the t-shirt that you have custom made for your sportswear brand will be wrong and broken. So the T-shirt cutting pattern will be wrong. Instead of the ribbed fabric used on the collars and beautifying the general stance, a collar will be sewn from its own fabric.

6) Wrong T-Shirt Posture and Cutting Pattern

A cheaply made t-shirt can have an incorrect stance, which means it doesn't match the intended design and style. The cut pattern of the T-shirt may also be inaccurate, resulting in an underfitting garment that does not provide the desired comfort and aesthetics. Additionally, instead of using ribbed fabric for the collar, lower quality T-shirts' collars may be made of the same fabric, compromising overall visual appeal.

7) Cheap and Low Quality Printing Technology

When it comes to printing technology, opting for low-quality solutions can have detrimental effects on your t-shirt designs. The printing technology to be applied on the t-shirt you design for your sportswear brand will be cheap and of poor quality. Considering that the printing system you want to apply on the t-shirt is screen printing, ink containing toxic chemicals will be used. An excessively thick (linoleum cover-like) printing application, such as plastic coating, will be used. As Conbello Textile, we always use non-toxic water-based ink in screen printing applications. For example, screen printing using ink containing toxic chemicals can be used, resulting in an unhealthy choice for both the wearer and the environment. Since cheap ink or material will be used in the printing process (valid for all printing applications), the print applied on the t-shirt will be removed from the fabric surface after a few washes and its color will fade. Because the main purpose in cheap and fast manufacturing is not to manufacture quality products.

Of course, these disadvantages are not limited to the above-mentioned ones. As a result, the idea arises that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. You will realize that the money you spent on buying a cheap T-shirt actually cost you much more. Of course, it is necessary to take into account that your brand image is seriously injured.

Are high-quality T-shirts more expensive than low-quality ones?

While the initial cost of high-quality T-shirts may be higher, their long-term benefits outweigh the price difference. Investing in durability and superior craftsmanship ensures customer satisfaction and reduces expenses associated with returns and complaints.

Below you can find some pages about clothing manufacturing that we think will be extremely useful.

We know very well the problems faced by startups and small businesses. We provide unmatched support for start-up brands in the fashion industry.

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High-End Apparel and Fitness Apparel Manufacturing

Conbello Textile manufacturing protocol is based on the principle of fully customizable, high-quality manufacturing of brands' designs.

- We do not manufacture copy-paste type promotional products that are applied by printing logos and patterns of different brands on different design clothes that are constantly produced.
- All components of clothing designs, such as fabric type, subtype, weight, and color, printing technology, accessories, and packaging, are completely brand-specific. The very complex manufacturing process is extremely simplified.
- Design and brand logo development, tech pack creation are included in our free support.
- Conbello Textile undertakes all transportation operations (including paperwork) until delivery to your address.
- In addition to this unique end-to-end fully integrated service, you will be exempt from customs duty in your country thanks to the certificate prepared specifically for your company.
- Brand and design confidentiality is under our full guarantee with the principle of military protocol.

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