Printing Systems and Embroidery in sportswear products

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Printing Systems and Embroidery in sportswear products


(such as T-shirt, Hooded, Leggings, Sports Bra,Tank top, Tracksuits,Coats )


In fact, we will try to summarize this issue, which is much more detailed and important than expected, with its main lines.

As a standard, let’s start by giving an example of a T-shirt.  You want to produce a great T-Shirt for your brand using Cotton fabric.  You should choose the weight of your fabric very carefully. Because, if you want to apply your brand logo on a thin fabric, you may not get good results. This issue, which is not valid for a single sample, can create a serious problem in wholesale production.  In addition, if the embroidery process applied to a correctly selected fabric is done in an inexperienced way, it will cause the embroidery threads to deteriorate and leave spaces. As a result, the Embroidery system that will give the highest quality result should be applied to the appropriate fabric.

Printing systems to be used for sportswear such as T-shirt, Tank Top, Leggings, Sport Bra

To give an example for a t-shirt, you can apply almost any printing and embroidery system to a 160 g cotton fabric.

So is this really true?

Both yes and no!!!

If there is more than enough Spandex blend in your cotton fabric and you want to apply your brand logo with Embroidery, you may encounter a serious problem. If the embroidery application is not applied very carefully, the embroidery threads will shrink on the fabric and eventually the product will go to waste.  Fortunately, we warn you about all these potential problems and offer the right solution for all issues such as the most suitable fabric for your sportswear, printing system.

Undoubtedly, we can talk about screen printing almost endlessly. (but here as text of course). However, it may be better to deal with this issue in detail in different chapters. 
Puff printing system (Swelling printing system):
This type of printing system can be applied to create a different look. Maybe you want to get a slightly raised (3D) look. But you have to be very careful. Because the mixture to be prepared for the swelling of the paint on different fabrics and colors can look great when applied. But you may face a disaster in the first wash or after a very short use. So what happens? It may not be very pleasant to see that wonderfully puffy-looking paint crumble and fall off.
It may be more beneficial to examine many printing systems such as high plate printing and nanotechnological printing in separate sections.
We can make a few minor notes assuming that a standard Screen Printing printing system will be implemented.
In general, it is an application that almost everyone knows or, more accurately, thinks they know. !  Let's take a look at its simplest implementation.Let's say you are going to apply this print for a cotton white fabric T-shirt.  And again, let's say you're going to use any color. Let this be black paint. (or it may be red, it doesn't matter.)
The main issues to be considered are as follows.
1 ) You need to know the spandex ratio in the mixture of the fabric. If it is cotton fabric with a high spandex ratio, a dye with a high quality stretch ratio should be used.  But many people or companies do not use a quality paint with a high stretch rate either because they have no knowledge or because it is an expensive paint. And, of course, it is not difficult to predict how disastrous the outcome of the repression will be.
2 ) During Screen Prinriing printing, the angle of the squeegee and the pressure it will apply must be adjusted very precisely. Many parameters such as the weight of the fabric, the ratio of Cotton/Spandex, and the color of the fabric should be considered.  And of course, we should not forget another very important issue such as how many times the squeegee will apply paint in order for the dye to penetrate into the fabric and be permanent.
3 ) The most common mistake made with the aim of making it cheap is, of course, using cheap and poor quality paint. This should never be done. It should be noted that free cheese is only found in a mousetrap. !!