How to prepare a technology package in fitness clothing

New How to prepare a technology package in fitness clothing

How to prepare a technology package in fitness clothing

There is a subject that is most frequently heard and misunderstood in the manufacture of clothing. Creating a Technology Package. When you read our article below, you will understand that it is enough to simply create an outline. Actually, it's okay if you don't make a sketch. It is enough to send us the photo of the sportswear product (leggings, t-shirt, hoodie, varsity jacket, tracksuit, etc.) or the product URL link that you want to be manufactured. All the remaining technical details will be handled by highly experienced Conbello Textile designers, graphic designers, modelists and printing specialists. We will take care of all the technical issues that you cannot see and know. Of course, it would be very helpful if you specify your brand logo and, if possible, how you would like it to be applied to the product. Then, this information you have given us will be carefully examined and presented to you in a report. Moreover, this service is completely free. In addition, your tech pack file, which is worth 150-400 € on average, will be created free of charge by Conbello Textile when you request prototype sample manufacturing.

How do I create a tech pack?

What is a tech pack for clothing ?

What needs to be included in a tech pack ? 

What is technical sportswear ?

What is fitness fashion called ?

What is Tech Pack File. Technology Package Mystery and Unknowns

What is fashion technology package ?

What is the technology package file that is considered one of the first steps of any garment? We can list the most common problems related to the technology package file as follows. 

To get the facts about the technology package file, be sure to read the last section after reading the basic requirements below.

Is everything very clear about Tech Pack or are there unknown facts? For example, is it as simple as it seems to prepare a technology package for the manufacture of a t-shirt, hoodie or tights? Can anyone simply prepare a tech package? Who can prepare the technology package? And what are the solutions?  How to make a tech pack for beginners ?    

What is the Technology package file basics in clothing production? Aren't these common things that everyone already knows? Really ? Let's first take a look at the basic procedures about the technology package and then examine the arguments in detail.  

Of course, many people already know the technology package information mentioned so far. You must have read it somewhere. Have you been told that creating a tech package is a very simple thing?. And yes, you have obtained a technology package file that everyone already knows or thinks they know, simply and very easily, in just a few minutes, through a ready-made software tool or an office.

The Technology package file, also known as a tech pack, is an essential document used in clothing production to communicate the design and manufacturing details to the manufacturer. 

Technical drawings: These are detailed drawings of the garment that illustrate the design, measurements, and construction details. Brand logo printing drawings and printing application systems. ( Screen printing, 3D Ultra-flexible flexo, Transfer printig systems etc )


Bill of Materials : This is a list of all the materials needed to produce the garment, including fabric, trimmings, labels, and packaging materials.

Graded size specifications: This includes the measurements for each size of the garment, including chest, waist, hip, and length, as well as any other specific measurements relevant to the design.

Construction details: This includes instructions on how the garment should be constructed, such as seam allowances, stitching, and finishing techniques.

Labeling and packaging requirements: This includes details on how the garment should be labeled, packaged, and shipped, including any specific requirements for branding or logos.  

Facts about the technology package: 

Unfortunately, you cannot create a technology package through any computer program software tool or an office that says it will help you with this. So, is it that important to create a perfect technology package? For example, do you have to have a tech pack to get the perfect leggings or t-shirt of your dreams?  

Yes, for the perfect fitness apparel, jacket, leggings, sports bra, hoodie or t-shirt, you must have the perfect tech package. So, in order to get more detailed technical information, please click this link which briefly explains the solutions about this issue.

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