Manufacture of fully customizable Performance sportswear

New Manufacture of fully customizable Performance sportswear

Performance sportswear manufacturing

For Your Clothing Brand Turkey - End-to-end Performance sportswear manufacturing in Istanbul. Production of high quality sportswear in harmony with the rising trend Athleisure fashion.

In all clothing products you can think of (T-shirt, Hoodie, Leggings, Raincoat, Sports Bra, Body, Tracksuit, Jumpsuit, Vegan leather corset, Artificial leather jacket, Velvet/Corduroy coat or other products), high quality fabric used by global brands, fully organic printing system and We made sewing work accessible.

Here are a few simple examples of what we do in fully customizable sportswear. For your active wear brand, we can apply your brand with laser printing on the eyelet and tip in the design of tracksuits and Hoodies. 

Moreover, in low order quantities and completely free of charge. 

You have created a great Leggings design. However, you want the same brand logo printing system as the giant global brand in your target in your own sportswear brand.  Along with all consultancy and technical advice, we apply exactly the same brand logo printing system in your active wear brand.

How can you increase your brand and therefore its quality with performance sportswear?   It's actually a pretty complex issue. The issue of which fabric to use to create a performance-enhancing T-shirt or polo shirt is often complicated. Of course, for high performance active wear (sportswear), you should consider not only the T-shirt group, but also all other clothing products that come to mind. All sportswear products such as Hoodie, Leggings, Sport Bra are included in this group. 


Which fabric should be used in High Performance Sportswear?

 First of all, you should know that performance wear is a really high performance active wear that you can wear not only in the gym, but also on the street or from your office to the gym (athleisure fashion).

A 100% cotton T-shirt can actually be of extremely poor quality. The most preferred cheap fabric and workmanship in cheap sportswear causes brands that do not have deep knowledge (especially start-up brands) to lose serious reputation and money.     It is a kind of extremely poor quality fabric obtained by melting small pieces of fabric and some other short fiber fabric pieces in boilers while cotton fabrics are cut. Of course, the sportswear t-shirt that will be produced with this cotton fabric we mentioned cannot have the slightest relation with performance wear.  

However, even a sportswear product made with the highest quality cotton (long fiber) will gradually become heavier with increased sweating. The reason for this is that cotton has a high ability to absorb sweat, but a low ability to evaporate at the same speed. 

This is where high-performance technical fabrics come into play. Of course, when you sew a fabric with the highest quality technical performance using poor quality workmanship, you will not get the desired result. Synthetic fabrics have made considerable technical progress in the past few years. An active wear that will be manufactured with high performance technical polyester fabric can be the way to lead your clothing brand to success.  Thanks to the filament structure that allows the sweat to evaporate quickly during the production process of the fabric, it will make the user feel extremely comfortable. Since the fabric will stay dry, it will not get heavier.

Although cotton is very breathable, there comes a point in which the t-shirt absorbs so much perspiration it becomes heavy and uncomfortable. And we don’t want that. We want to stay light and quick.


Patented channel fibres in DRY TOUCH® fabrics allow them to “breathe” by letting air in and moisture out. Testing indicates that DRY TOUCH® fabrics absorb moisture up to ten times faster than simple  cotton fabrics. The moisture management features of DRY TOUCH® make it an ideal choice for everactiv sports apparel keeping you dry and comfortable no matter how intense your workout.

DRY TOUCH® keeps athletes at optimum body temperature no matter how hot the weather is.

With its specially designed and produced fabric structure, it removes moisture from the body and throws it on the outer surface of the fabric, thereby allowing it to remain at the body's natural temperature.

These fabric blends are all designed to improve your comfort while you perform.

The textile collection, prepared with a functional and breathable fabric structure, removes moisture from the body and throws it on the outer surface of the fabric. Thus, the specially designed ventilation ducts and three-dimensional fabric keep the body dry and cool by providing constant indoor and outdoor air flow.

It is enough to send the Technology Package for us to make flawless production to your brand.

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We've thought of everything down to the last detail to start or grow your clothing brand. We provide a fully integrated, exceptional end-to-end service, from free design support to top quality original fabrics and delivery to your address with high-end printing systems and craftsmanship. 

CONBELLO TEXTILE undertakes all transportation operations. Your products will be delivered to your door. In addition, you will not pay any customs tax in your country, thanks to the document we will issue specially for you. All you have to do is plan your sales while you wait for your products.


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