How do I start a fitness clothing brand

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How can you really succeed in your sportswear brand.


or what is the technical reason for the failure?



We're sure you've reviewed many reading blog posts that give ideas for those who want to start a great sportswear, street fashion brand. However, almost all of what you read is information written for google and collected from here and there. Accept this or not. However, the facts are much different. You are reading these lines right now because you need more and more real technical knowledge in your sportswear business.  


How do I start a fitness clothing brand? First of all, we should state that most of the entrepreneurs who try to create fitness clothing brands face frustration. If you don't have deep knowledge about sportswear, you should at least know the basics. The biggest problem starts at this point. Let's say you have a few designs with your dream fitness wear. These can be Teck pack information or a photo of the fitness wear you want to sell. Is the manufacturer company you contacted with the manufacture of fitness clothing a real manufacturer? Or is it just an office? The sad truth is that 95% of the offices claim to only manufacture fitness apparel. Let's say you contacted a manufacturer. It should be a real manufacturer who has deep experience in the manufacture of fitness clothing and has the necessary machinery and equipment to manufacture your production perfectly.


How and what kind of relationship can there be between a sportswear brand and agnotology?


Agnotology is a branch of science that studies the conditions that lead to ignorance by spreading erroneous or misleading scientific data. And of course it has to do with your clothing brand. Today, we can access all kinds of information via the internet. The question is whether the information you're getting is actually the information you need to reach. At this point, the accuracy of the information is important. Because the information you reach directs your perception and preferences. In a sense, as access to information becomes easier, the effect of the science of ignorance expands, while it should be the other way around.  Yes, we think it is necessary to explain these issues that we are talking about. Because the subject of sportswear and agnotology seems very unrelated to each other. But it is not ?


Sportswear - Activewear - Fitness wear or Street fashion wear what you most need for your brand is a true and fully integrated manufacturer. ! And unfortunately, almost 95% of what you see on the internet does not have the features you are looking for. !


So how do we know this? Because we have been in the business of sportswear manufacturing actively for 42 years.  

As a great sportswear manufacturer, the vast majority of what you see online are office-only companies.   


What Do We Do When You Decide To Start Your Clothing Brand?  


First of all, we would like you to give us information about your clothing products. This information can be in the form of Tech pack file information, product photos or even a product link. If you are going to provide information as product photos, you should also provide basic information such as fabric type, narka logo printing system. What if you don't have this information? No problem. Because even if you send us this information, our highly experienced technical design team will examine the information you send in detail. We will then give you a detailed feedback. We will provide technical advice as needed.   


Let's explain this with an example. Let's say you want T-Shirts, Leggings or Sports Bras for your Sportswear brand. However, you are not sure exactly which fabric you should use or you cannot decide on which system to apply your brand logo printing. At this point, Conbello Textile technical design engineers will step in and give you information about the most suitable and trendy brand logo printing systems. Or it will suggest a brand logo printing system suitable for the fabric you want to use in your active wear products. Of course, he will also give technical advice on other technical issues such as the type and weight of the fabric you want to use.

When we mutually agree on your designs, we send samples to your address by air cargo. After the sample products reach you, we get your approval for wholesale production or make the changes you want.This review is not limited to technical packages or technical drawings of apparel products. This review is vital to you. While examining your sportswear designs, we also examine very important sensitive subjects such as the fabric you want to use, Print and Embroidery. We can give unlimited examples in this regard. For example, the type of fabric or weight you want to use for your dream sportswear product may not give the exact result you want. Or, when you want to use polyester-based fabric, the weight and delicate properties of the polyester fabric may not be suitable for your sportswear brand logo.


If we talk about sportswear designs, we can give a simple example.


You are thinking of getting a great Tights made for your brand. Your choice of tights fabric, high or standard waist is great. You have solved the printing system of your brand logo and the area to be printed without any problems. And finally you prepared a technology package. But it could be a minor problem. In the Tights design, where you spend a lot of time, you kept the back waist area of ​​the Tights at the same level as the front.


How do I start a fitness clothing brand

What is the best material for sportswear?


It is a bit complicated to answer the question of which is the best fabric material for fitness clothing products such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Leggings, Sports Bras.

Let's start with a very simple example. If you have noticed, polyester or polyamide fabrics have come to the forefront for Leggings as fitness wear in recent years. This is because capitalism actually wants you to gravitate towards these fabrics. You know the leggings and sports bra clothing products made of polyester and polyamide fabrics in giant global sportswear brands. Yes, this is definitely not the wrong choice. However, this is true when you use a high quality fabric. Well, is a leggings made of cotton fabric easy to use and healthy? Of course, it is extremely healthy and extremely comfortable to use.




As a result, you don't have to worry about anything. We will inform you about all the issues that come to your mind or not, and we will make all necessary corrections.

Of course, these are just the beginning. To continue, please click the link or continue from the main page or read the subsections in the How we work tab.